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I cleared the air with Daniel's ex Robert


establishment of an armistice. karl radke Turns out he’s reformed Danielle Oliver‘gender Robert Sieber after their rift in season 7 of summer house,

“We’ve chatted. I don’t know the full details of Danielle and Robert’s breakup. I’m sorry to hear [they split]But I had a little talk with him and we cleared the air,” the Bravo star exclusively told 38 us weekly on Monday, May 22 while promoting its partnership with talkspace For its “Celebrate Every Step” campaign in celebration of Mental Health Awareness Month. “I’ve always really liked Robert and I really can’t say anything bad about him.”

Carl and Robert’s conflict stemmed from tensions between Danielle, 34, and Carl’s fiancée, Lindsay Hubbard, after Danielle doesn’t figure into Carl’s proposal plans. The app developer also voiced his concerns about how fast the pair was progressing in their relationship, which led to both women falling out.

Robert, for his part, slammed Carl for asking his then-girlfriend. (In February, Danielle confirmed that she and Robert had called it quits in November 2022 after two years of dating.)

Carl Radke, Danielle Oliver and Robert Sieber

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“I’m so happy for you guys, but obviously a lot has happened this summer,” the 33-year-old chef said during the May 15 episode. , It’s almost embarrassing for her, being one of the last people to know about him.

as this season summer house Winds Down — The reunion begins May 29 — Carl, for his part, has been candid about his mental health struggles throughout his time on the reality series, which he’s been a part of since Season 1.

“Every season of the show has been difficult at times,” Karl recalls. “If you go back to seasons 1 to 5, I had a lot of things that were difficult, and I probably dealt with it differently in those early seasons, whether it was drinking or partying.”

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, Carl teamed up talkspace To raise awareness for the positive outcomes of therapy for its “Celebrate Every Step” campaign.

“I have been on a mental health journey for many years. It’s something I’m really passionate about,” he explains. We, “I did family therapy in my youth and was always very quiet about it. I didn’t really share because you’re screwed or you have a lot of problems. It’s embarrassing. A lot of shame. So it’s something That’s what I experienced on the other side of it.”

He continued: “I had a stigma against it and, probably, judged people for it because it seemed like I didn’t understand it. As I got older, [I’ve] Realized I had a lot of things I needed to address, you know, it could be childhood traumas, it could be relationships, it could be conflicts. [and] all sorts of things.”

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