Sunday, June 23, 2024

GOP's plan to weaken IRA will hurt Republican voters


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California won’t be the only state affected. texas produced more wind power more solar than any other state last year, and second most after California; Its on track To be first Overall, Enersection and Bloomberg foundMore than two-thirds of the country’s renewable capacity is in rural areas. More than three-quarters of those places lean Republican.

The fact that congressional races are becoming increasingly uncompetitive makes it easier for right-wingers to try to retain their seats and land a juicy consulting or lobbying gig. Although their voters may like the fact that the IRA is bringing in new investment, many incumbents simply don’t think that losing re-election is a real threat. Those who want to vote for politicians who go after the IRA are likely to already crowd into districts that reliably elect Democrats.

Adding to that dilemma is the fact that corporations can provide virtually unlimited amounts of cash to politicians who do their bidding. In 2020, fossil fuel companies made 13 times Several federal campaign charities for GOP candidates masquerade as renewable firms. Oil and gas executives, that is, can continue to be a loud voice in the ears of politicians, with green energy sectors flourishing in their own districts.