Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Former Trump aide said Biden can 'beat the former president again'


conservative radio host Larry Elderare former associates of Donald Trumpcriticized the former president’s ability to appeal to swing voters in the 2024 presidential election.

What happened: Veterans, who join an already crowded list of GOP contenders white House Last month, Run said in an interview with Fox News that he supports what Trump did as president, and so do other Republicans, but they are “rightly” concerned that the former president won’t win over swing voters. Can.

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“They are very concerned, and I think rightfully so, that a substantial number of swing voters, particularly suburban women, will not vote for the guy if he walks on water,” Elder said. informed of hill.

“Indeed, if he did… they would say he couldn’t swim.”

“If you’ve lost friends because of Donald Trump — and I’ve lost three friends I’ve known for almost 40 years, two of whom I practiced law with — if you’ve lost work because of Donald Trump, Can’t talk to coworkers, if you’ve had strained relationships with your family members because of Donald Trump, I present to you, Trey: Houston we have a problem,” he told “Fox News Tonight” guest host Trey Gowdy. Said former GOP congressman. South Carolina.

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Elder praised Trump for “successfully implementing Republican policies” but said that if a rematch between Trump and Pres. Joe Biden happens, he fears that “Biden could beat him again.”

“You need a vehicle to push those policies forward, and I am that vehicle,” he said.

Meanwhile, according to poll averages from RealClearPolitics, Alder is currently polling at less than 1%, ranking below several other Republican candidates, including asa hutchinson, chris christie, glenn youngkin, Tim Scott And Vivek Ramaswamy,

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