Friday, June 21, 2024

Elon Musk slams Trump for giving away blue check marks for free


Former President Donald Trump didn’t get the blue check mark on Thursday, despite Twitter CEO Elon Musk paying to keep verification free for some prominent figures.

A large number of Twitter users who previously had “legacy” verification check marks for being “notable” figures had their verifications removed on Thursday after refusing to join Musk’s Twitter Blue subscription service. Most of those who followed the trail were paid subscribers, with some saying that Blue Check had become a new type of “digital maga hat”.

However, Musk said he was “personally” footing the bill for some celebrities who have publicly expressed their reluctance to subscribe, such as LeBron James and Stephen King, receiving membership against their will. force you to keep your blue cheques.

Trump was not among the select few, with his account unverified and without a check mark at the time of publication. The former president’s once-prolific account, which was previously subject to a long-term suspension for tweets related to the January 6 Capitol attack, has remained inactive since being reinstated by Musk last year.


Twitter owner Elon Musk, left, is pictured in San Francisco, California, on January 24, 2023, while former President Donald Trump, is shown in New York City, on April 13, 2023. Trump was not among the select few to whom Musk “personally” handed a complimentary Twitter Blue membership on Thursday.
Justin Sullivan; James Devaney / GC Images

twitter replied newsweek Requests for comment on Trump being singled out by emailing the “poop” emoji, the company’s current automated response to all press inquiries.

newsweek Trump’s office has been reached via email for comment.

Because of the president’s status as a current government official, President Joe Biden’s account retained its gray verification check mark without the need to pay a new membership fee.

Some who paid an $8 or more per month fee to get their own check mark with a Twitter Blue subscription celebrated the removal of verification from the accounts of Democrats like former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“BREAKING: Hillary Clinton is no longer verified on Twitter. God bless!” Tweeted With students “laughing on the floor” and clapping emojis for Trump founder Ryan Fournier.

“Elon Musk has removed Hillary Clinton’s blue check mark,” @CollinRugg Tweeted, “You love to see it.”

Other Twitter users quickly pointed out that Trump’s check mark had also disappeared.

“Lol he even took Trump’s blue check,” Tweeted @NoahJAguirre.

“Oops. No blue check,” @endthemisery1 Tweeted, “Trump is about to get mad. Stand by the ketchup wall art.”

It was not entirely clear how many celebrity accounts Musk forced into Twitter Blue subscriptions. musk Said In response to a tweet by James about receiving membership despite declining an offer from Musk, he was “personally paying for something”.

I’m personally paying for something

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) April 20, 2023

ledge informed of on Thursday that James was granted the subscription despite declining an email from Elon Musk “to extend a complimentary subscription to Twitter Blue for your account @kingjames.”

King tweeted that he neither paid for nor provided a phone number for Twitter Blue, despite his account saying he encouraged Musk to do so. answer“Hello you’re welcome.”

Trump has previously said he has no intention of returning to Twitter, claiming he prefers to use Truth Social, where he currently has an exclusivity deal. There have been some indications that the former president, who is running for president again in 2024, may return to Twitter regardless.