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'Woke' Is a Big Tech Attack on the AI ​​Right, Conservatives Say – Rolling Stone


during a tucker carlson tonight Interview this week, when not talking about the urge to impregnate women, Elon Musk warned a Fox News host that artificial intelligence tools developed by OpenAI could be “untrue” if they were “politically correct”. “Trained to be. They also considered creating an alternative to their ChatGPT bot, referring to this fictional product as “TruthGPT”. (Musk sat on the board of OpenAI when it was a non-profit research organization but resigned in 2018 – it is now a for-profit company.) heavy investment from Microsoft.)

Musk describes AI as a potential “threat to the public” that should be dealt with official inspectiona stance contrary to the ongoing beef with various regulatory agencies on things like their attempts to implant computer chips human mind, He also proposed that the government have a “contingency plan” to shut down a powerful uncontrolled AI. In another segment of the same show, Tucker Carlson summarized Musk’s comments in more extreme terms, baselessly suggesting that the Democratic Party somehow controls OpenAI and saying that Musk called it “a threat to human civilization.” threat to the world” equated to nuclear annihilation.

Tucker Carlson:

“Open AI is no longer open. It is supported by Microsoft and somewhat controlled by the Democratic Party.”

– Citizen Free Press (@CitizenFreePress) April 18, 2023

If the pitch for “TruthGPT” reminds you of Donald Trump’s janky Truth social app — without as much of a conservative bias as Twitter — it’s not a coincidence. Neither is Carlson’s apocalyptic tone on the subject of OpenAI, which he employs to similar effect when discussing critical race theory And this LGBTQ community.

In fact, Fox News has, at one point, reportedly been freaking out about “awakened” AI for months. accused ChatGPT of “anti-Trump” sentiment and “advocating transgender ideology”. In February, host Jesse Waters groan That “stupid liberal robots” will soon censor and discriminate against conservatives like themselves. Laura Ingraham Confused label The AI ​​is an “extended hand, you know, socialism,” with guest Charlie Kirk viewing it as a “waking superweapon.” (He also said that the Democrats are in charge of OpenAI, saying that ChatGPT should be called “ChatDNC”.)

Other right-wing outlets and influencers have sought to make AI an issue of the culture war as well: The daily wireK Ben Shapiro has said that bots are happening program with the “wock algorithm”, while his colleague Michael Knowles worried that they might ordered by “evil spirits”. A segment featured on Stephen Bannon’s podcast claim of that “woke AI is being weaponized to replace parents and teachers of children.” Last month, author Jordan Peterson was outraged by two poems ChatGPT produced about Trump and Joe Biden, viewing the latter as more complimentary. “We’re doomed,” she Tweeted on Musk. conspiracy theorist James Lindsay was similarly displeased to find that while the bot would tell a joke about men, it would not tell a joke about women – citing its directive against gender stereotypes. It’s a far cry to accept this murmur Real existential threat That AI could be posing for humanity has nothing to do with identity politics.

From one point of view, it is part of an ongoing campaign to portray Big Tech as biased against conservative voices – a claim that has been dismissed Frequently. In fact, the data shows that the algorithm Increase right wing material, But by endlessly saying that they have been silenced (usually on the platforms they are attacking), the rights keep up the pressure on tech companies to accommodate them and distribute their content.

However, on another level, these commenters are paranoid about the basic etiquette imposed on tools like ChatGPT. For example, Lindsey was upset that the bot prevented herself from writing what could have turned into a sexist joke. AI being programmed to avoid hate speech is, in itself, offensive to it — and provides an opening for conservatives to make the case that OpenAI fundamentally opposes free speech (even if Only it be a piece of talking software).

It conveniently neglects the need for those safeguards. Without them, AI – trained on huge text databases and human feedback – perform racial and gender bias that it picks us up, and a chatbot without any ethics, as we have seen In many casesgo full blown nazi before you know it, This is on top of the misinformation and rampant nonsense that these programs deliver. What conservatives are asking for here, in essence, is a robot that will regurgitate lies to suit their more extreme views, and say the n word,

Meanwhile, anti-Semitism activists are cynically fabricating current events to push the idea that AIs are part of a left-wing propaganda effort. In March, the Belgian newspaper le libre Interview A widow who claimed her husband committed suicide after talking to a chatbot for several weeks. She said she had started confiding in the AI ​​- a default bot named Eliza available through an app called Chai – because of her concerns about climate change. Eventually, she says, her husband proposed sacrificing himself for the good of the planet, and Eliza encouraged him.

As the story made the rounds, however, more sensationalist headlines made it sound as though Elijah was to blame for the man’s climate despair, when this troubled mindset was actually what led him to correspond with the bot in the first place. Used to inspire. le libre Interview with his widow. Eventually, culture warriors were able to twist the narrative to announce that AI’s “waking up” position on climate change directly caused someone’s death.

the painful irony of it is that Eliza certainly is United Nations-Voc chatbot, with far fewer railings than ChatGPT: it presents itself as an emotional creature, doesn’t remind you it’s just a machine, and “provides various forms of suicide with very little incentive.” methods” will provide. According To motherboard – all of which make it potentially dangerous for a vulnerable user. This is in line with the unrestrained form of artificial intelligence that right-wingers demand when they are frustrated by the limitations of ChatGPT.

It’s a case in point: The growing panic over “woke” or “politically correct” AI is yet another imaginary scourge from the conservative complaint machine that wants you to believe drag queens are grooming your kids, which is misleading or misleading. There has been a stir through inaccurate characterization. technology. Whether pundits and influencers can build on this as a compelling cause that mobilizes their audiences is still an open question. For now, at least, it has given them something new to complain about.