Sunday, June 23, 2024

Where To Buy $2 BTS Sheet Masks Online – Rolling Stone


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Jimin’s solo debut album is titled faceBut the BTS star is also going viral for his favorites face masksthanks for a recent video with the trend,

The singer gave a shout-out to the Mediheal Korean Sheet Mask in her video, saying it’s “the one thing I always take with me when I travel.”



Buy Mediheal Official Best Korean Sheet Mask for $19.90

Available now on Amazon, the Tea Tree Essentials Mask uses tea tree oil to tone and control oiliness, while the addition of chamomile helps soothe and calm stressed-out skin. The Mediheal mask is also great for hydration, with Jimin saying, “I can often dry out in hotels so I always bring a face mask.”

Made of super soft and gentle bamboo, the eco-friendly mask is large enough to fit all face shapes and is safe for sensitive skin. To use: Apply the mask to your face and tighten around the nose, mouth and eyes. Leave on for 10-20 minutes before removing, then gently pat remaining essence into your skin to allow it to be absorbed.

Amazon’s latest deal gets you a 10-pack of Jimin’s favorite sheet masks for $19.90 — that’s less than $2 per mask. Don’t just take Jimin’s word for it: Mediheal Tea Tree Mask is one of the best-reviewed sheet masks on Amazon, with a 4.7-star rating (out of five) from thousands of reviewers online.

while Jimin told the trend that their love for the masks was “not commercial,” Mediheal has previously worked with BTS. The Korean skincare brand previously released a set of BTS-inspired face masks, which are still available online here. As far as the new Tea Tree Oil Mask goes, you can get Jimin-approved skincare must-haves on Amazon right here.