Wednesday, July 17, 2024

What Donald Trump Really Means When He Says He Wants “Peace”


Trump’s foreign policy plan for his second term is far more authoritarian-friendly than his first term. Diverse sources say Everyone within the former administration, including Chief of Staff John Kelly, Defense Secretary Mark Esper, and John Bolton, have confirmed that Trump intended leave nato, He was even prepared to pull out the United States altogether. South Korea, Esper was so dismayed by Trump’s recklessness that he expected Biden to win the election. When confronted with these allegations by Trump’s spokesperson not denied Rather, instead claiming that those who were speaking were war mongers and that Trump only wanted peace.

When all of these factors are taken together, it’s not hard to gauge how quickly things could go catastrophically wrong in Trump’s second term. For the sake of analysis, let’s assume he has done exactly what he has indicated he will: namely, cut off aid to Ukraine, pressure Zelensky to cede land, withdraw from NATO, and remove all US forces from South Korea. To pull

America offers vast majority of total aid to Ukraine. Without US aid, victory becomes impossible for Ukraine, although it will almost certainly refuse to end the war on the terms Trump has suggested. Instead, they became desperate for more ammunition from any source and refused to accept a humiliating set of cease-fire terms. The war, as brutal as it is now, will drag on the longer it is supported by the US. An exhausted Russia lacks the means to push further into Ukraine and will continue to press for acceptance of a deal offered by the Trump administration. Ukraine would lack the means to repel an invasion, but it would never accept such a humiliating, unilateral deal. If it was forced to, the Ukrainian government could decide that the only way to secure a lasting peace would be by developing its own nuclear weapons, without any security guarantees from the US or NATO.