Thursday, June 20, 2024

'The most powerful hurricane on the planet'


Super Typhoon Mawar is headed for Taiwan after hitting Guam on Wednesday.

The forecast of the super typhoon prompted President Joe Biden to declare a state of emergency in the US territory, Naval Base Guam to send its ships, and Anderson Air Force Base to shelter its planes in hangars or send them off the island. The storm is now moving through the Philippine Sea with sustained winds of 165 mph, the same strength as a Category 5 hurricane, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Meteorologists have commented on the strength of the super typhoon, identifying it as the strongest storm on the planet this year and warning the Philippines and Taiwan to continue watching for development.


Torrential wind blowing over palm trees, stock image. Super Typhoon Mawar is moving towards Taiwan from Guam.

“The most powerful storm ever to hit the planet in 2023. In rarefied territory, Super Typhoon #mawar Reached a peak intensity of 185 mph overnight. The height of the waves within the storm is 66+ feet. eyes inside #Philippines And #Taiwan Keep a close watch,” Scott Pilley, meteorologist at The Weather Channel Tweeted Friday morning.

National Weather Service in Austin, “A Look at the Strongest Hurricanes on the Planet This Year” Tweeted Thursday with a radar picture of the severe storm. “Super Typhoon Mawar recently passed Guam and is now over the open waters of the western Pacific Ocean. Current sustained winds are 180 mph! #storm mawar,

A look at the strongest hurricanes on the planet this year. Super Typhoon Mawar recently passed Guam and is now over the open waters of the western Pacific Ocean. Current sustained winds are at 180 mph! #storm mawar

— NWS Austin/San Antonio (@NWSSanAntonio) May 25, 2023

newsweek Accuweather was reached by email for comment.

Extraneous rainfall and strong winds from the storm could hit the Philippines later this week. The storm has entered the Philippine area of ​​responsibility and is forecast to remain in the Philippine Sea through the weekend, but the storm is expected to peak Saturday afternoon before the strength of the winds subside.

As of Sunday afternoon, the forecast shows Mavar degenerating into a “very strong” typhoon with winds of 130 mph and slowing and weakening through mid-week next week, before it moves away from Taiwan. Collided.

Despite the hurricane’s obscene strength, Guam escaped without fatalities, although much of the island lost power and running water. It was the most powerful hurricane to hit Guam since 2002, but the Associated Press informed of Mass destruction was largely avoided. Images shared on Twitter showed the damage to the building and the damage caused by fallen trees, wind speed and flooding.

Super Typhoon Mawar was the most powerful storm to hit the island since 2002, when Pongsona struck the island, causing $1 billion in damage.

A typhoon is classified as a severe tropical cyclone occurring in the Pacific Northwest region. A typhoon is the term for the same type of storm in the Northeast Pacific and North Atlantic. Storms that form outside these regions are called tropical cyclones.