Friday, April 12, 2024

The Lingering Questions From The Mandalorian Season 3 Finale


For the second consecutive season, the mandalorian ended with a finale that felt like it could have ended the entire series. Wednesday’s episode ends Season 3 with some bumpy reveals, a change in the status quo, and a possible death, giving fans a lot to think about about the future of the series. As the wait for Season 4 begins, these are the biggest questions raised by the finale:

We’ve known for a while that Moff Gideon wanted Grogu’s blood for a mysterious project, and when a roomful of creepy tanks surfaced on Nevarro in season 2, fans assumed it was a reference to Supreme Leader Snoke’s creation and the Emperor. Teasing Palpatine’s resurrection. In the sequel trilogy.

But Wednesday’s season finale, “The Return,” reveals that Gideon is actually working to clone himself and incorporate these clones into the Force, so the blood of someone strong enough to be in the Force like Grugu is required. So it appears that Gideon’s plan has never been about creating Snoke or resurrecting Palpatine, even if Doctor Pershing’s cloning research may eventually play a part in that.

But the show may be tackling Palpatine’s return in a different way. The penultimate episode of the season mentions that Brendol Hux is working on another mysterious project called Project Necromancer, and the name suggests that whatever Gideon is doing in private, Palpatine may Might try to bring it back.

rise of skywalker The novelization has already established Palpatine has returned by transferring his consciousness into a cloned body, but there’s still room to fill in many details. Project Necromancer is supposed to be something that will provide new leadership to the Imperials and may have to do with cloning, so perhaps it’s about getting Palpatine a more permanent body to inhabit so that he can make a full comeback and could lead the Imperial Remnant; In rise of skywalker novelization, Palpatine’s cloned body is described as an imperfect vessel. But for now, it’s still unclear how aware these Imperials are that Palpatine isn’t dead.

what is the big surprise of the finale Not there In this it happens, as in last week’s episode, that the imminent return of Grand Admiral Thrawn seemed to be dropped by name during the Imperial Council scene. The finale is also titled “The Return” and you’d be forgiven for assuming it’s about Thrawn. Yet he never appears, leaving it somewhat unclear to whom the Return title refers. Does this simply mean the return of Bo-Katan and his fellow Mandalorians to control of Mandalore? Either way, maybe Thrawn was left out of the episode so his return seems like a big deal when it happens this summer. Ashoka series, as teased trailer for that show,

Speaking of titles, fans were convinced that the Armorer and/or the X Wolves were secretly working for Moff Gideon, mainly based on last week’s episode called “Spy”. We know Elijah Kane is a spy, but the implied title was something else. No secret spies are revealed in the finale, so shouldn’t it just be “The Spy”? Could there still be a spy who has yet to be exposed, or were the spies meant to be the Council of Imperials?

The finale appears alongside the main villain of the series when Moff Gideon is consumed by the flames during the final battle. But not so soon. We don’t see a body, which in television means the audience must assume the character is not dead. Also, Gideon was wearing his armor during the explosion, so it’s not impossible that he could have survived it. But even if he did die, who’s to say that one or more of Gideon’s clones didn’t survive, meaning they might come after Din in the next season? Alternatively, could it have been a clone of Gideon himself?

An even bigger shocker is that during Gideon and Bo-Katan’s fight, the Darksaber is apparently destroyed. fans of the clone wars And the rebels Know what a big deal it is that this legendary blade has been a part of Mandalorian history for over 1,000 years.

It Wouldn’t Be Totally Surprising If Darksaber Is Fixed Next Season the last jedi also made a great deal of destroying Luke’s lightsaber, only for Rey to repair it rise of skywalker, however, at least the last jedi The ending showed Rey in possession of that broken lightsaber, while the darksaber was presumably destroyed in the subsequent explosion. The Darksaber clearly isn’t necessary for Bo-Katan to rule it the way it once was, so it would make sense to get rid of it.

Grugu has essentially been Din Jarrin’s son for some time, but the finale makes it official when Din adopts the child. After doing so, the Armorer announces that his name is now Din Grugu. But wait, wouldn’t that be Grugu Jaren? Or does this mean that Deen is actually her last name, and her first name is Zareen? The big question, though, is whether any fans will call him Din Grugu when he’s already getting used to not calling him Baby Yoda.

Season 2 sets Dinn up towards leaving behind some of the practices of his Mandalorian cult, namely the rule against removing one’s helmet. When she had no other choice, not only did she take it off during a mission, but she decided to take it off to say goodbye to Grogu. Yet Season 3 saw Deen quickly apologize and return to the cult, never again taking off his helmet. So is it the show’s position that we should be celebrating Dinn’s loyalty to The Children of the Watch, or could he be slowly breaking away from his customs in the future?

It’s also possible that the children of the Watch may be moving away from the helmet rule, given that when the Armorer performs the initiation ritual for Ragnar, she doesn’t ask him to promise that he will “never take off my helmet, “As he did in the beginning. season. Then again, it could just be because he already has it.

When the mandalorian Launched in 2019, one of the appeals was that it offered standalone episodic adventures that weren’t tied into an overarching saga like the movies. But as the show has progressed, it’s drifted further away from that, and that’s why some fans have expressed disappointment in the third season.

But the finale sets up a back-to-basics approach in which Deen makes a deal with the New Republic to work as an independent contractor hunting down the Imperials, suggesting that the next season will mainly feature standalone adventures. Can join as Din travels the galaxy and leaves this whole Mandalore. Conspiracy behind It could also allow the show to reintroduce Lucasfilm’s abandoned plans rangers of the new republic, a canceled spinoff that was likely to star Gina Carano prior to her firing. If there’s hope to reclaim some of the magic the mandalorianThe first season of, This Could Be the Way.