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Survivor's Sarah Lacina slams The Challenge's Johnny Bananas



Sarah Lacina, Johnny Bananas.

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calling him out. sarah lasina Gave some clarity about his disdain for fellow Challenge: World Championship co-star Johnny “Banana” Devenazio,

“We’re at the point where you’ve made Justin [Ndiba] cry, who’s my f–king best friend… you’ve made joanna [Stephens] Shout. yelled at you kellianne [Judd] – She hasn’t cried yet.” Survivor: Game Changers Winner, 39, explained during Thursday, April 20,chillin with dylanpodcast about her ongoing feud with Johnny, 40. he will talk more danny [McCray],

Sara and challenge The veterans got into a heated disagreement early this season. In the April 5 episode, moments before their outburst, Sarah was chatting with Danny and tory deal, The three are discussing strategy for the next round of nominations when Johnny walks in and joins their conversation.

“Tori, Danny and I are sitting outside, like, we need to have a meeting without Johnny and we’re having a really good conversation,” she explained on Thursday. “Next thing you know here comes Johnny and what’s the first thing he says? ‘This looks like a conversation I should be a part of.’ And I’m thinking, ‘Yeah, no, it’s actually the opposite.’ and he sits down… and the second I try to ask a question [and] Answer it then he starts being condescending and I’ve had enough.

As Sarah attempts to voice her concerns with Johnny about how they plan to move forward in the game, Johnny – who has been a staple on the franchise since its 2006 premiere – makes mistakes in the game, it said countered Sara as she too started thinking. long ago. Danny, for his part, pointed out that Sarah’s claims were valid and Johnny began to intervene. Survivor He was sharing his perspective as an alum.

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After joining them in a scuffle, Challenge: USA Champ told Johnny that he didn’t appreciate how he was talking to her. “You’re not going to talk to me like that,” she said real world alum, proceeding to admonish him for speaking down and Johnny later leaves.

During that moment shown on screen, Sarah explained on the podcast, the reality star was strapped for time as they all had to get ready for the nomination ceremony. “Johnny, I don’t have time to listen to your bullshit – T. Just stop the bullshit, like, you’re just ad-k to everybody,” she quipped.

After airing her grievances, Sarah said she received messages from “former cast members” thanking her for standing up to Johnny and putting him in his place. “It is not just girls, boys too. It’s surprising that many people haven’t put him in his place but feel that way,” he shared.

three times Survivor The player said that Johnny does a bad job behind the scenes as well. Sarah alleged that the production had to constantly “yell at her to shut up” while explaining the rules. He is “constantly trying a way to cheat,” Sarah argued.