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A list of Serbian newspapers includes sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news and international news.

Serbia is one of the developing countries located in Central Europe. The country is known for its beautiful palaces, capital city and famous tennis player Novak Djokovic.

About Serbian newspapers

Serbian newspapers have a rich history and play an important role in the country’s media landscape. There are a variety of newspapers in Serbia that cater to different interests and political views.

One of the oldest newspapers in Serbia is Politika, first published in 1904 and remains one of the most widely read and respected newspapers in the country. It is known for its quality journalism, comprehensive coverage of national and international news and editorial independence.

Another major newspaper in Serbia is Danas, which was established in 1997. Danas is known for its liberal editorial stance and its focus on investigative journalism. It has a loyal readership and is particularly popular among young, educated readers.

In addition to these traditional newspapers, there are also several online news outlets in Serbia that are gaining in popularity. These include B92, known for its objective reporting and focus on human rights and social justice issues, and, which provides in-depth coverage of politics, culture and society.

Serbian newspapers cover a wide range of topics including politics, economics, culture, sports and entertainment. They provide a valuable source of information for citizens and play an important role in shaping public opinion and promoting democracy.

However, like many media outlets around the world, Serbian newspapers face challenges such as declining readership, financial pressure, and political interference. Despite these challenges, Serbian newspapers continue to play an important role in the country’s media landscape and are an important source of information and opinion for citizens.

top serbian newspapers

Mentioned below are the top Serbian newspapers in Serbian language.


Danas is an independent Berliner formatted daily newspaper among Serbian newspapers which is also considered the newspaper of record in Belgrade. Newspaper


Kurir is a tabloid-format daily newspaper in the Serbian language that covers national news and international news in Belgrade.


Pravda is a leading online tabloid formatted newspaper among Serbian newspapers which is distributed in Belgrade, Serbia and was established in 2007.


Dnevnik is a famous Berliner formatted daily newspaper among Serbian newspapers in Serbian language published in 1942.


Belgrade is a leading local newspaper providing news on health, education, business, culture and lifestyle in Serbian and English languages.

studio b

Studio B delivers relevant information, political articles, trending topics and discussions in English language for Serbian people.

sports journal

Sportski zurnal is a leading tabloid-format daily newspaper in the Serbian language that covers a variety of sports news and updates. is an online newspaper among Serbia newspapers including Serbia news online, Serbian news, Serbia news today and European news.

sports net

Sportske Net is an online newspaper that regularly provides news on league, national and local sports, mainly in Serbian language.

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serbian news online

There are many local and regional newspapers that serve the entire country of Serbia.

  • E Kapija – E Kapija is a famous regional newspaper in Serbian language for Serbian people.
  • my westie – Juzne Vesti is a community newspaper covering local news, city news and events.
  • Tanjug – Tanjug includes Serbia news online, Serbia news today and European news for Serbians.
  • – is an online news site that delivers current news and affairs in the Serbian language.
  • worm – Worm is a local newspaper among Serbian newspapers providing latest news and breaking news from Europe.
  • novistandard Novistandard is a Serbian newspaper serving updates on rural life, fashion, culture, food and lifestyle.
  • istinomer – Istinomer is a news agency that conveys Serbian daily news, country news and world news.
  • ozone press Ozone Press is a news channel which broadcasts domestic news, cultural news and events.
  • kakansky glass – Kakanski Glas is a common newspaper among Serbian newspapers for Serbian people.
  • subotice novin – Subotice Novine is a leading newspaper that broadcasts community news, technology news, youth news and European news.
  • – is a Serbian news site that publishes social news, economic news and youth news.
  • Kragujevac – Kragujevacke publishes news flash, bulletins and world news in Serbian and English languages.
  • Glass Podrinja Glas Podrinja is a regional daily newspaper distributed in Serbia.
  • Halas Ludo – Hlas L’udu is a global news media serving world news, headlines and breaking news from Serbia
  • time Rs. is an English language news media that broadcasts trending news, economic news, social news and political news.
  • zajekar online – Zajekar is a news site among online European newspapers that have social media platforms for readers.
  • jug press Jug Press is a Serbian news media which is also available online among Serbian newspapers.
  • Ruske Slovo – Ruske Slovo covers political news, business news, agricultural news and sports news.
  • VA media – VA Media is a news portal that publishes Serbian news, Serbia news today and European news.
  • ptak online – Patak Online is an online newspaper which gives news on economy, politics, society and more updates.
  • Krusevac grade Kruševac Grad is a leading daily newspaper for Serbian readers and international readers.
  • Bessky Mosaic – Becejski Mozaik is a national newspaper that provides various sections of news and affairs.
  • kikindske novin – Kikindske Novine covers Serbia news daily, European news online and events.
  • banjevke novin – Bunjevacke Novine serves with news columns on sports, lifestyle, weather and various other topics.
  • Belgrade Insight – Belgrade Insight broadcasts country news, world news, social news and events.
  • Nase Novin – Nase Novine is a Serbian language news site serving Serbia news online, Serbian news and European news.
  • hrvatska rijek Hrvatske Rijek is a Croatian language weekly newspaper founded in 1945.

Hence, Serbian newspapers online serve the Serbian people with 24/7 news and updates.

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questions to ask

Q: What are some popular Serbian newspapers?

A: Some popular Serbian newspapers include Politika, Blik, Danas, Kurir, Vesernje Novosti and Novosti.

Q: Are Serbian newspapers published online?

A: Yes, most Serbian newspapers have an online edition that can be accessed through their website.

Q: Is it possible to read Serbian newspapers in English?

A: Some Serbian newspapers, such as Politika, offer an English-language version of their online publication. However, not all Serbian newspapers offer an English language option.

Q: Can I subscribe to a Serbian newspaper if I don’t live in Serbia?

A: Yes, most Serbian newspapers offer international subscriptions that can be accessed in other countries.

Q: How often are Serbian newspapers published?

A: Most Serbian newspapers are published daily, although some may be published less frequently (for example weekly or biweekly).

Q: What subjects do Serbian newspapers cover?

A: Serbian newspapers cover a wide range of topics including politics, business, sports, entertainment and local news.

Question: Are Serbian newspapers biased towards any particular political party?

A: Some Serbian newspapers may have a political bias towards a particular party or ideology, but not all do. It is important to read a variety of sources to get a complete perspective.

Q: How do I submit a news tip to a Serbian newspaper?

A: Contact information for submitting news tips can usually be found on the newspaper’s website or print edition. You can also try contacting the newspaper via email or social media.

Q: Are Serbian newspapers in English censored by the government?

A: Serbia has a free press, but some journalists have reported facing pressure or intimidation from the government or other powerful interests. Additionally, there have been concerns about media ownership and the concentration of media power in the hands of a few individuals.