Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Republicans Want to Withdraw Money for Green Jobs—Even From Their Districts


Amanda Jurowski, one of the plaintiffs, testified Her state’s abortion laws took her life before Congress in April. ,I almost died on their watch,” he said of his senators, Ted Cruz and John Cornyn.

Zurawski’s water broke less than halfway through her pregnancy, but she could not have an abortion because her fetus still had a beating heart. She went into septic shock before having an abortion in the emergency room.

Another plaintiff, Kylie Beaton, learned that her child’s head was growing abnormally fast, but his brain was not developing properly and never would. Even though the child was unlikely to survive a previous birth, it could not be aborted in Texas. The law delayed her care, making it too late to get an out-of-state abortion, and Beaton was forced to conceive. She had to be delivered via emergency C-section due to the baby’s head being too large and died a few days after birth.