Thursday, July 18, 2024

OpenAI looks to expand into Europe as CEO floats Poland office


heypenAI CEO Sam Altman said the reason for their current tour of European cities is to search for a suitable location for a new office.

Asked about the European offices, Altman said in an interview Tuesday, “Poland would be an interesting place.” “We want to have a research and engineering office in Europe, not regulatory. We’re trying to figure that out. That’s part of the goal of this trip.”

Altman pointed out that the “talent density” of any potential new office location is important. bloomberg news On the sidelines of an event organized by the University of Warsaw and the National Research and Development Center.

Poland is a hotbed within the IT industry, hosting large engineering hubs for companies such as Alphabet Inc., JPMorgan Chase & Co., and Visa Inc., as well as developer CD Projekt SA. Magician And cyberpunk 2077 Play.

The CEO’s comments follow his appearance before US senators last week, to whom he spoke about various areas where he would support regulation, including curbing election misinformation and making AI-generated content clearer to users is included. Altman said Tuesday that he supported Europe’s effort to lead a global approach to regulating AI companies.

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On stage, he said that he had spoken to Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki during his visit. The CEO is expected to visit Paris later on Tuesday and then the UK on Wednesday.

chatgpt boss also said newly released The mobile version of the AI ​​tool was driving a small but “visible bump” in subscriptions to the company’s paid-for Pro version.

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