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Jake Gyllenhaal 'proud to be an American' as he promotes heroism in new Afghanistan war film 'The Covenant'


Jake Gyllenhaal joined “Fox & Friends” Saturday, saying his new film “The Covenant” is a “parable about doing good reluctantly” and represents the American “ethos” that no man is behind does not remain

The action-thriller is about a former US Army sergeant who risks his life to save his old interpreter from the Taliban, who once saved him during the war in Afghanistan. The R-rated film is now in theaters across America

Gyllenhaal said after watching the completed film, “I came away feeling proud to be an American and knowing what we can do and what we can be.”

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Co-star Dar Salim said the film portrays a message of unity.

“At the center of it, you have two men from very different backgrounds, very different cultures,” he said. “But at the end of the day, what this movie shows unites us more.”

Gyllenhaal said, “America is made of heroes, and sometimes reluctant ones, but that’s our fabric; that’s who we are.”

Salim was born in Iraq and moved to Denmark, a country that was also involved in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He said that his ties to the countries and the close ties between the two wars informed his performance.

“I think it’s a universal story compared to Afghanistan or Iraq,” he said. The actor said the script attracted him because of its patriotic nature and the opportunity to work with director Guy Ritchie.

Gyllenhaal said the film was “exactly” informed by the real-life events of American troops pulling out of Afghanistan and leaving interpreters behind. He said the Taliban have killed 300 Afghan interpreters since 2001.


as of 2022 Association of Wartime Allies ReportSince Congress created the special immigrant visa in 2006, the US has issued more than 23,000 visas to Afghans. However, at least 78,000 Afghan visa applicants are “left behind.”

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A 38-year-old Afghan male waits for his visa to be approved by the head of mission and is seeking US support.

“Now the interpreters have a lot of problems with money, threats in life. Changing homes every month because the United States government has overtaken us.” He said, “I request the government and people of America to please help us and fight for us.”

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Gyllenhaal told co-host Will Cain that the film “best represents everything we do [the U.S.] It is possible.”