Friday, June 21, 2024

Finland: Costs of mental health hospitals


supplementary note

Health care statistics describe the process of providing and financing health care in countries in terms of health care goods and services, its providers, and financing.

The System of Health Accounting (SHA) and the related set of International Classification for Health Accounts (ICHA) are used for the collection of data on health care expenditure.

Health care expenditures by provider (ICHA-HP) – which categorizes units that contribute to the provision of health care goods and services – such as hospitals, residential facilities, ambulatory health care services, ancillary services or retailers of medical goods .

Health care expenditure determines the amount of economic resources devoted to health functions, excluding capital investment. Health care expenditure is primarily related to health-related goods and services that are consumed by resident units, regardless of where the consumption occurs (this could be the rest of the world) or who is paying for it. As such, exports of health care goods and services (to non-resident entities) are excluded, while imports of health care goods and services for end use are included.