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The 'Sad' Kelsey Ballerini Duet Put Me In Therapy



Nick Jonas, Kelsey Ballerini.

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He’s only human! Nick Jonas How did you know a duet with kelsa ballerini Onstage at the Academy of Country Music Awards in 2016 became his “Worst Moment” of all time.

“Truly a sad guitar solo debacle… happened on live TV,” Jonas, 30, recalled during the episode on Monday, May 22.Armchair Expert with Dax Shepardat the event, where he joined the 29-year-old country star in a duet. “Looking back, I can laugh at how big I thought it was. But it traveled more than I intended, and it caused me to go to therapy.

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According to the “Levels” singer – who had previously “performed a duet together” – was there to belt out Ballerini’s hit single “Peter Pan” from her debut record, first time,

“I come out for my point. I rehearsed it a million times. I’m feeling really confident about it — not really even thinking about it like it’s something that’s going to be problematic,” he continued. “I started, it was fine and As I walked towards him, I completely blanked out and I hit a wrong note and basically blacked out and saw it was wrong and I couldn’t stop.”

Jonas made headlines soon after the flub, with fans mocking the musician’s mishap on social media. Some social media users even made tutorials on how to play the wrong version on guitar. However, the New Jersey native did her best to respond to the jokes with good humor.

He tweeted at the time, “Just landed in London on all these posts from Sunday night’s performance.” “Very funny. Yes, I gave the single thanks to a giant brain fart. JoBro then followed up his post with a fan-made page of sheet music with the wrong notes, “We’re all human and s— t happens sometimes, but whoever made it up is a genius.”

rewatching it years later, the camp Rock the star told the host dax shepard He still “can’t quite figure out what exactly happened” that caused the error, adding that he was “taken on a plane” shortly after the incident with little time to process what happened. Was.

“I looked at my manager and said, ‘I think that was bad.’ I was, like, in shock. It was a really painful moment that shaped the pressure I put on myself to always be perfect and always be,” he shared.

While Jonas May Look Back at the 2016 ACMs With Regret, Ballerini does not hold it against him. rolling up the welcome mat singer opened for the jonas brothers remember this tour in 2021 and also duetted the “Waffle House” artist’s 2016 single “Close” during the show.

“I’m a huge fan of theirs. When I was 12 or 13, I was a huge Jonas Brothers fan. Their solo material is incredible and it was really cool to collaborate with them at the awards. If I could Would totally do more with her,” Ballerini told hollywood reporter following the ACMs in 2016, noting that Jonas “let his nerves down” on stage during his first major award show. “I thought, ‘If I mess up, he’s on me.’ It eased my nerves a little bit. He’s such a sweet friend. We’ve known each other for a year, so it wasn’t weird, ‘Hey, I’m Kelsey. Hi, thanks for singing.’ It was a little more informal, which was nice.”