Sunday, June 23, 2024

The College Student Who Tracked Celebrities' Private Jets Is Now Tracking Ron DeSantis


The college student who tracked Elon Musk’s private jet on Twitter has now… places Ron DeSantis on Florida’s governor days after the bill was signed blocked Public access to their travel records.

Jack Sweeney ran the account @ElonJet, which used public information to track the location of the billionaire’s private jet. At one point, Sweeney ran more than 30 accounts tracking the private jets of celebrities. Along with all those accounts, Sweeney had a personal profile. Suspended In December.

Sweeney has since gone back online and begun rebuilding his empire. he still tracks jet of muskPosting public data with a delay of 24 hours to follow Twitter’s updates Privacy Policy Which prohibits the sharing of one’s live location. And on May 19, Sweeney posted the first tweet @DeSantisJet,

The account tracks the jet, again owned by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, 24 hours late. Sweeney Tweeted account on Monday that although that plane is used for official state-related travel, there is no guarantee that DeSantis is necessarily on it.

,As others have noted DeSantis also gets rides on political donors’ planes for personal matters. If we find out about these flights, it will be shared here as well,” Sweeney couple,

Sweeney told the new republic He decided to set up @DeSantisJet because of increased attention & interest in the Florida governor, who is expected to formally announce his 2024 presidential candidacy this week.

Sweeney pointed out that when his accounts were suspended in December buzzfeed news He felt that “it is important to hold people accountable, no matter which side they are on.”

The account’s first tweet came a week after he signed a bill preventing DeSantis and other government officials from receiving information on how and where they travel, as well as with whom they travel. Under the new law, the first of its kind, details about whether DeSantis used a state plane or a private plane would be withheld. The measure would also keep secret visitor logs for the governor’s mansion and his office.

DeSantis has an ivory tower in Florida, as his Republican Party controls both chambers of the state legislature. State GOP Pushes Bills shield DeSantis shies away from media scrutiny and targets people who potentially could Write negative things about him. It hasn’t worked out well in the grand scheme, because it’s being slammed for being Strange or excessive aggressive in front of the national press.

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