Thursday, July 18, 2024

Taylor Swift, Ice Spice perform 'Karma' remix live in New Jersey – Rolling Stone


In an audio clip on Spotify, Swift explained that Ice Spice’s management approached her, saying that she had been a fan of Swift since she was a child (the rapper is 23), and that she would love to work with Swift. if possible. It turns out, the feeling was mutual. Swift listening to Ice Spice while preparing for Eras Tour dates. He’s even added the rapper’s “In Ha Mood” to the playlist that concert-goers listen to before taking the stage.

“I was just listening to Ice Spice constantly,” Swift said. “Knowing her is very special because I am infatuated with her. In my opinion, she is the one to watch. Given her work ethic and the thoughtfulness with which she pursues her career, she’s like my new favorite artist and I’m so honored that she’s on the song.

Ice Spice debuts a collaboration with Instagram post, in which she wrote, “thxx [Taylor] Illu for being the nicest person on earth.

Midnight’s (The Till Dawn Version)) also included the songs “Hits Different” and a new version of “Snow on the Beach”, his collaboration with Lana Del Rey, which featured more of Del Rey’s vocals. “You asked for it, we heard: Lana and I went back into the studio to record ‘Snow on the Beach’ exclusively for Lana,” Swift Tweeted About why they repeat the track.

Dates for Swift’s ongoing Eras Tour are set until August. In addition to a rave review from Rolling stoneIn 2010, Swift made news on tour for welcoming Aaron Dessner and Phoebe Bridgers on stage for duets, as well as shielding her fans from allegedly overzealous security guards and playing through torrential rain. She also opens up about how special the show has been for her.

Reflecting on Trek’s Philly run, she tweeted: “Philly was a dream, honestly. Playing three nights at the stadium I watched on TV when my dad watched Eagles games every Sunday. Shows the most magical three hometowns.” That’s all a girl can hope for.