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Police admit following e-bike before crash that killed Cardiff teen Police


Police are facing serious questions and community anger after taking almost 24 hours to admit possible involvement in the search for two teenagers whose death sparked riots in Cardiff.

Kyris Sullivan, 16, and Harvey Evans, 15, were murdered in the Ely area of ​​the city shortly after 6pm on Monday, minutes after CCTV footage appeared to show them being chased by a police van Because they were riding together on an e-bike.

The incident sparked a night of violent disorder, with 15 police officers injured in clashes with local residents. Rioters claimed they had gathered to pay respects to the dead boys before clashing with South Wales Police officers.

On Tuesday morning, the local police and crime commissioner blamed the unrest on false “rumours” about police involvement in the boys’ deaths on social media.

But on Tuesday afternoon CCTV footage emerged showing a police van chasing an e-bike down Frank Road, about half a mile from Snowden Road, time-stamped at 5.59pm on Monday, where the boys were held for more than four minutes Crashed shortly afterwards.

In a press conference following the emergence of the video clip, Supt Martin Stone of South Wales Police announced that he had referred himself to police surveillance regarding the incident.

Harvey Evans and Kiris Sullivan were killed on Snowden Road in the Ely area of ​​the city. Photo: Facebook

He said: “We have received CCTV footage in which a police vehicle is seen chasing a bike just before 6 pm. South Wales Police have also made a mandatory referral to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) to ensure an independent investigation into the matter.

Stone confirmed that several arrests have been made and more will be made. The IOPC said it would send investigators to assess whether to launch an investigation.

After the press conference, tensions flared up again in the Snowden Road area of ​​Ely. A large crowd gathered around a shrine of flowers, balloons and images of the dying teen, and at one point blocked cars from moving in the street.

A friend of the couple, on condition of anonymity, said: “The police have been lying since the incident. They have only admitted they were involved in a chase since the footage emerged.

People living on the street removed cars and some sent children to live with relatives. Tom, a resident, said, “This place has lost faith in the police.” “They have not been honest with us and we are worried that it will all go off again tonight.”

On Tuesday morning the South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner, Alun Michael, claimed the riots were sparked by false rumours. Police involvement was not confirmed until Stone’s press conference after 5 p.m.

But Stone clarified that there were no police vehicles on Snowden Road at the time of the fatal e-bike crash. He added: “The investigation includes studying CCTV and track data from a police vehicle. At this stage, we do not believe any other vehicle was involved.

Stone said: “I want to acknowledge the impact of last night’s disorder on local residents who were understandably scared. They have our assurance that we will do our utmost to arrest all those responsible.”

Police officers faced hours of “massive disorder” around Snowden Road, with rioters hurling missiles including fireworks at them. Cars were set ablaze as riots raged throughout the night, involving dozens of masked youths.

Luke, 29, began livestreaming footage of the clashes on Stanway Road before dusk on Monday evening. Explaining the context of the conflict to thousands of spectators watching the riot, he said: “They chased two young boys on an electric bike and they passed away tragically and now they are trying to attack the rest Who tried to show respect for the boys who died. That’s how we are treated in Eli.”

Other scenes being livestreamed on YouTube showed young people throwing firecrackers and other missiles with riot shields at a line of police officers who were blocking one end of the street. The fire was burning and a helicopter could be heard hovering overhead. A car was set on fire shortly before midnight, while another vehicle was overturned and set on fire.

Just before 3am, rioters in Ely moved onto Highmead Road, pursued by police who tried to disperse them. Officers on horseback were seen outside Ely police station in the early hours of Tuesday amid fears it could be targeted.

According to one of the senior police present at the scene, a man was attacked due to the rioters’ belief that they were an undercover officer.

Bridie Boole, a close friend of the family of one of the boys killed, said she still has little information about what happened to the teen. “They don’t know what happened,” she said. “They’re in pieces.”

She said that Keirs Sullivan and Harvey Evans were best friends. “They loved football and motorcycles. They did everything together,” she said.

Bool said the pair were together on the Sur-Ron electric motorcycle and were not wearing helmets. He claimed that the families were upset after the bodies of the boys were left on the road for several hours during the riots.

Rodney Berman, Liberal Democrat The leader of Cardiff Council said: “The surfacing of this CCTV footage raises serious questions about the version of events provided by South Wales Police and Police and Crime Commissioner Alun Michael, and the apparent contradictions within it.

“Given concern over the timeline of events leading up to the accident, which appears to contradict local reports and video evidence, this incident needs to face an immediate, impartial investigation.

“I would also like to appeal to the communities of Cardiff to remain calm and allow the appropriate actors to investigate. The last thing we need is for any innocent person to be implicated in the type of violence we saw last night ”

Speaking in the Senedd, the Minister for Social Justice in Wales, Jane Hutt, said: “There must now be a full inquiry to understand how this tragic incident led to violence, followed by peace to ensure it never happens again.”