Friday, June 21, 2024

Oklahoma favors universal schooling: It 'shouldn't just be for the rich or those who can afford it'


Oklahoma became the 7th state on Thursday to implement universal school choice. Gov. Kevin Stitt signed private and homeschool tax credits that would make school choice universally available to all families.

“School choice shouldn’t be just for the rich or those who can afford it,” Stitt said. Now it’s available to every single family in the state of Oklahoma.”

States Pass Universal School Choice Amid Parent’s Rights Movement


American Federation for Children Senior Fellow Corey DeAngelis told Fox News Digital that Gov. Stitt is an “education freedom fighter.”

“Public school monopolies are falling down one red position at a time. Oklahoma is now the seventh state in just two years to end education freedom by passing universal school choice. But it’s going on. All families in Oklahoma will now have freedom of education and there’s nothing the power-hungry teachers union can do about it,” DeAngelis said.

Oklahoma is the latest among Republican-led states to pass school choice legislation.

Red-state governors across the country have passed universal school choice legislation, which experts call a “revolution.”

Utah’s governor signs major education funding bill, becoming the third state to put school choice into law

Last year, Arizona became the first state in the nation to pass the Education Scholarship Accounts, expanding the program to all 1.1 million K-12 students in the state. Other red states have now followed suit in pursuing school choice legislation.


Relations between teachers’ unions and parents have soured in recent years, especially in the wake of the educational recession in the US. School closures related to COVID-19.

Widespread calls for school choice and parental rights have emerged after states implemented lockdown measures during the coronavirus pandemic. School choice became a major issue after the COVID-19-induced lockdown triggered talks over the scope of government authority and the type of content children should be taught from the public school curriculum.

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds Signs Historic School Choice Bill: ‘We Will Fund Students Not the System’

Republican governors made significant progress in advancing universal school choice legislation, which a year ago did not exist anywhere in the country. So far, five states have passed Universal School Choice this year.

School choice, or providing all families with a choice of public schools for which they are zoned, at the state level through school voucher programs, tax-credit scholarship programs, individual tuition tax credit programs, and a range of opportunities including deductions and education can be expanded through savings accounts.


Charter schools, magnet schools, and homeschooling are also forms of school choice programs.