Sunday, June 23, 2024

King County Park: Pollution | Seattle Times


Re: “Why King County Beaches May Be Closed, May Reopen More Often This Spring and Summer” [May 17, Northwest],

Yes, we have a problem with bacteria in the King County lakes. A big part of it is Canada Goose poop.

It gets on your shoes when you walk in parks, and people are unable to use grassy areas for picnics and rest. Children cannot run around and play.

King County needs to make an investment to get rid of this poop: dogs with handlers. the trainer lets the dog off the leash; The dog chases the swans out of the park. If this is done randomly and often enough, the swans will find other places to live. (Bird experts can monitor when egg-laying and hatching is in progress, so the chase won’t happen during those times.)

Actually, Canada geese are not going to stay here all year round. Most of them used to migrate annually. They have adapted to urban areas where people are living and working.

We need to act on this type of pollution now. It’s easy to do, and it’s well worth the expense.

Cynthia Lachance, Renton