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It Wasn't 'Surprising' That Tyra Banks Left 'DWTS'


Some big changes are happening in the ballroom dancing with the Stars Season 32 – More Derek Hough ready for them.

One of the biggest shockers of the upcoming season is that the dance competition will now be hosted by Derek’s sister, Julianne Houghwho is changing Tyra Banks together to run the show alphonso ribeiro, The iconic model, 49, announced her exit from Ballroom in March after three years at the helm of the series.

“I wouldn’t say it was surprising,” Derek tells EXCLUSIVELY us weekly about Banks’ departure while promoting its partnership with Excedrin. “She has a lot on her plate and a lot is happening in her future. She is someone who will always work and will always be an entrepreneur and will always create opportunities. And she is a powerhouse.

The six-time Mirrorball Trophy winner can’t say enough good things about the former America’s Next Top Model host, who told TMZ in March that he is “crazy, crazy focused on business” after his exit.

“Tyra was incredibly kind — really, really, kind, and I just have to give her full props,” explains Derek. We Read about how Banks handed the cohost reins to Julianne, 36, who has won two Mirrorball trophies of her own and served as a judge for several seasons. “She just sent Julianne the most beautiful message, and I’m really grateful to her for her kindness.”

derek-hough-reveals-why-it-wasn-t-surprising-that-tyra-banks-left-dwts-says-she-sent-the-most-beautiful-message-to-new-cohost-julianne-hough-021-8001324 Image Press Agency/Nurfoto/Shutterstock

As for his reaction to his sister’s new role, Derek says that “no… there’s no question about it”: Julianne is “the right choice”.

“He’s a great host,” nashville alum – one who has served as a judge dwts From Season 29 – Tells We, “You know, we’ve hosted Disney specials together and she’s fantastic. She also happens to be an amazing dancer and singer and everything else, but … she was part of the show and she knows the show and she is part of [DWTS] Family.”

safe haven The star and Ribeiro, 51, are the perfect pair to co-host the Disney+ series, Derek says. “I think their chemistry, their knowledge, their introduction, and also just the family aspect of the show… you’re really going to feel that. So it’s great.

Banks, for his part, appeared notably We March exactly why he thought Julian was his perfect replacement.

derek-hough-reveals-why-it-wasn-t-surprising-that-tyra-banks-left-dwts-says-she-sent-the-most-beautiful-message-to-new-cohost-julianne-hough-020-1433188 DDP/ Images

“The businesswoman in me sees how Julianne is great on so many levels. He is a professional dancer. she’s derek’s sister, a dwts multiple-champion who is now a stellar judge,” life size shared the actress. “This is going to be a family affair in the ballroom that people will love to see. And she has so much personality and strong opinions backed by expertise. She’s the perfect choice! She’s going to crush it!”

As Derek focuses on things to come in season 32 dwtsShe’s also passionate about partnering with Excedrin for Head Care, the company’s new, drug-free line of products that help soothe headaches.

“It’s a holistic approach, not just waiting out a migraine or waiting out a headache, but it’s the spaces in between and what we can do to be proactive to help our overall health,” explains Derek. We head care club, he said that he and his fiancee hayley erbert The partnership “creates these movement routines,” which includes an aerobic exercise and a “restorative yoga routine,” which focuses on stretching and breathing.

When it comes to working with his future bride, Derek says it’s “amazing”.

“We’re trying to serve people and try to help others and take care of us,” he explains.

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With reporting by Cristina Garibaldi