Wednesday, July 17, 2024

How to Prepare for an Office Move in Pune?


More staff and huge office space become necessary when the business grows and expands. New space not only accommodates new employees but also increases the productivity of the employees. Besides, a well-designed workplace creates a good impression on the clients. 

So, no matter the reason, if you’re planning an office move in Pune, you can take the service of packers and movers Wagholi and shift all office commodities seamlessly under their assistance.

The following are the eight effective ways to move offices without any hassle. Note all the points and start preparing from today.

  1. Develop an Internal Planning Team

If you have a planning team, the process of relocation becomes easier. To create the team, you can select members who know about the business inside-out, can decide quickly, have multi-tasking abilities, and communicate well. Besides, select members who are organised and have good financial analysis skills.

Relocating takes time. So, do not plan for the relocation at the last moment. You need to plan the move at least six months in advance. This will give you sufficient time to design and create a checklist of what needs to be shifted first and what can be kept for the last moment.

  1. Decide and Confirm the Moving Date

At least three months before the move, you should confirm the moving date. Once approved, you should inform the office landlord, manager, vendor, and stakeholders. This will help you plan the upcoming three months effectively.

Before beginning with office relocation, inform your employees regarding the move. Give them time to make the required arrangements required before shifting.

  1. Plan the New Office Interior

Before the move, you must ensure that the new place is decked up and properly organised. You need to determine what the new office interior looks like. You can check the furniture, desk, chair and other things within the new office. Replace, repair or change things if required and make them suitable for your needs.

  1. Check the Office Building Rules

Every commercial building has its own rules and regulations. Before planning the move, you need to know them for effective planning. For instance: The authorities of the structure might not allow you to shift during the daytime or on weekdays. Therefore, you have to move the commodities during the nighttime or at weekends.

Packing can seem to be a daunting task. However, you can avoid this overwhelming feeling if done with the right strategy. Divide the items into three lists. Keep the things you rarely use in the first list but are important for occasional use. In the second list, write the items that are not so important but good to have. For the final list, write down the things that are very important for the move. Based on these three lists, make a proper plan and start packing in order.

  1. Hire a Professional from a Moving Company

Office items include expensive gadgets and technologies. The moving company ensures good-quality work and timely delivery. They pack the items and deliver them to the right place and within the deadline. If not carried out carefully, they might break, which can be a huge loss for the company. Luckily, reliable moving companies provide insurance. This means that you will get the payback if the professional damages your office products accidentally.


By following these eight methods, you can shift your office effectively to your preferred destination. Remember to start planning and executing your office move six months before the main date to have sufficient time for the move. If you do it in a hassle, you might miss out on some important items, misplace stuff, break objects, and things might go wrong during the shifting process.

Also, avoid relocating without the assistance of packers and moving companies. The professionals in the moving companies are well trained and know the best ways to pack an item, handle it, place it in the truck and deliver it to the main location without damaging or cracking. They have years of experience, and not only will they shift the items timely, but they will do so with perfection.

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