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Do you want to learn about CEX?


A centralised exchange (CEX) is a third-party platform that facilitates the trading of crypto assets between buyers and sellers. It is privately run by a central organization.

Cryptocurrency exchange

Users can purchase, sell, or trade their bitcoins on a centrally-run cryptocurrency exchange (CEX). Custodial in nature, it stores user money or virtual currencies in a digital wallet before centrally verifying transactions. Regardless of the volume of trades, CEXs typically impose a certain percentage of trading costs. Either use fiat money to buy cryptocurrencies or use an exchange to trade one cryptocurrency for another. A CEX may cooperate with commercial banks to permit credit card payments or direct bank transfers in order to simplify payments.

To verify that the transactions on the platform are not harmful or unlawful, such as money laundering operations, CEXs may also collaborate with a central authority. CEX’s centralization allows it to offer services like cryptocurrency security and user experience enhancement. These services help consumers’ transactions be more dependable, effective, and secure.

Cex- The third-party platform

They are also the primary explanations for why crypto consumers choose CEXs over decentralised or hybrid exchanges. Despite the fact that CEXs are centralised, the cryptocurrency utilised in transactions is still decentralised, meaning that the CEX has no control over the network or the operations of any particular crypto asset.

Simply put, the CEX is a third-party platform run by a centralised organisation that facilitates business deals between buyers and sellers.

A CEX, which acts as a neutral third-party platform, provides efficiency, security, and objectivity in the exchange of digital assets between users. Therefore, consumers have the option to deposit money into a digital wallet on the exchange rather than swapping crypto assets among themselves. The CEX will issue the users a matching amount of IOUs or credits once it has control of the funds. The CEX keeps track of these IOUs or credits whenever transactions are made, and at the time of withdrawal, it will change them into real fiat money.

This is accomplished by keeping an order book that lists the buy and sell orders made by traders.

In essence, these buy and sell orders are users’ requests to buy or sell bitcoins at specific prices. The CEXs, whose platforms can compute, match, and carry out buy and sell orders between users, compile this. It is simple for crypto users to purchase and sell crypto assets on the platform because a CEX can handle transactions quickly and effectively.

The reliability

Although a CEX ensures reliability and ease for transactions, the percentage collected as a trading fee from each transaction might build up depending on the volume of trading.

Users can be discouraged from using a CEX as a trading platform for their crypto assets as a result of this. Additionally, CEXs typically do not disclose to users the details of their internal operations. Because of the lack of transparency, deliberate price and market manipulation may be possible. A CEX’s central control over money and its capacity to freeze or block them at will may be of concern to a community of users who value decentralisation and transparency of transactions that cannot be influenced by a single organisation.

 Role of CEX

Due to their role as the custodians of cryptocurrency assets for customers who want to trade on the platform, CEXs are frequently targeted by attackers, both inside and internationally, resulting in a loss of over $292 million in 2019. Government agencies may also readily target CEXs, putting the central platform under pressure to freeze or seize the funds of their users or even to expose the individuals’ personal information. Users may miss out on trade opportunities due to downtime in CEX services caused by such concerted attacks and technical disturbances.

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