Friday, June 21, 2024

5 Whisky Storing Tips Every Collector Should Know


Buying an elegant bottle of whisky can also serve as an investment, with plenty of perks of its own. But before the time comes when you sell it or drink it, it needs to be stored well.

However, a big problem faced by whisky appreciators is storing their whisky collection without destroying its enchanting taste and fragrance.

So, here are a few tips to help you with proper whisky storage.

Keep Indoors At a Stable Temperature

It’s best not to have an outdoor storage unit for your whisky collection if you can’t control the temperature or sunlight exposure there. When left exposed to sunlight, chemical reactions that degrade the whisky will start to occur in the bottle.

Temperature and light levels are the two essential factors that help keep your whisky tasting and smelling fantastic. A cellar, if you have one, an attic, or a garage are great places to store whisky.

A big mistake often made by people that buy whisky for the first time is storing it sideways like wine. In reality, the reason why wine is kept on its side is to keep the cork moist, preventing it from drying out and degrading over time.

Whisky, which has high-strength alcohol, can cause the cork to disintegrate or transfer unpleasant flavors to the liquid after constant contact. Ideally, the bottles should be flipped a couple of times a year, but stored upright.

Never Freeze the whisky

Although freezing a whisky bottle won’t cause any major or permanent harm, you’ll experience a much duller flavor drinking a freezing cold whisky. If you leave it out for it to turn to liquid again, it’ll most likely get watery.

Most, if not all whiskeys are best kept at room temperature, especially the expensive ones like Rye Whisky. If you prefer colder whisky, add an ice cube or two to the mix rather than freezing the entire bottle.

Seal Properly Once Opened

Even though a bottle of whisky will be good to drink for up to a year after it’s opened, you need to ensure that its iconic taste isn’t soiled. To do that, it’s essential to know how to store opened bottles correctly.

The top priority for an opened whisky is to keep it away from oxygen. That’s why it’s recommended to use a decanter or a well-sealed container when storing it. 

Prepare it Before Transporting

Transporting whisky can be a hassle and costly if you don’t have the right equipment to stroll around with it. If your whisky collection is going to be traveling a lot, make sure the bottles are packed with stable, insulating layers to prevent them from getting damaged.

It’s crucial to keep the condition of the label intact as well, as it could impact the bottle’s value if damaged. It’s best to keep the whisky in its original case so the label isn’t ripped off or scuffed.