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Understanding the Importance of Security Guards –


Imagine walking into any type of building or setting, such as a government office, housing development, office park, or recreational space— who is the first to greet you? It’s most likely a security guard. Nowadays, if your company doesn’t already have a security guard in Geelong, you need one unless you’re a very young startup or tiny firm. On-site security is a wise investment if you have a lot of foot traffic, store expensive goods, or run your business in a location with a high crime rate.

It is no secret that security guards are an integral part of keeping the business and residences safe. Security Guards in Geelong ensure that people, property, and businesses are protected from theft and vandalism. But what else do security guards do? Let’s take a closer look at these professionals’ roles in the community.

Security guards have many duties, including patrolling areas to deter crime. They are monitoring CCTV cameras and responding to alarms and suspicious activities. Also, write reports about incidents or violations and provide customer service. They also have the power to halt, restrict or withhold if necessary. Depending on the Security Guards’ position in Geelong and the company they work for, they may be armed or unarmed. The following security guard tasks and responsibilities are often listed in the job description:

  • Frequent checking and patrolling of the property
  • Watch the building entryway.
  •  Authorise the entry of people and vehicles on your premises.
  • They report any suspicious actions or occurrences.
  • Maintain a watchful eye on the security cameras.
  • Pay attention to alarms and respond quickly.
  • They are observant and promptly report any irregularities.
  • Report on all surveillance operations daily.
  • Send in reports on any suspicious behaviour.

Benefits of Having Security Guards in Geelong

Having security guards in Geelong provides several benefits that help keep everyone safe. Security services supply long and short-term peace of mind. There is no alternative to the physical and psychological security of knowing that you are safe. Whether it’s you, your family, your possessions, your company, or your staff. You should employ a security guard as:

  • Security personnel provides a sense of safety by bringing a necessary skill set to tight and dangerous circumstances.
  • Security personnel provides an extra set of eyes and ears at all times. They add to the sensation of increased alertness.
  • Security responds with an immediate response. When it comes to incident response, every second matters. They can respond quickly to emergencies or suspicious activities with their specialised training and equipment.
  • They can help prevent crime by being visible deterrents that discourage potential criminals from committing crimes.
  • They can also provide peace of mind to business owners who may feel uncomfortable leaving their premises unguarded at night or on weekends.
  • The majority of organisations give discounts for having security guards at work, so employing them may also assist lower insurance costs.

How to Hire a Security Guard in Geelong

Research Well

If you’re looking for a reliable security guard in Geelong, you must do your research first. You should look for companies with experience providing quality services in the area and check references from previous clients. 

It’s also essential to ensure that all security guards have valid licenses before hiring them. So you know you’re getting qualified professionals who can handle any situation properly and legally. 

Make the Appropriate Interview Enquiries

Security guard interviews might be challenging if you do not know what questions to ask. Along with technical abilities, you should enquire about the applicant’s background, experiences, earlier employers, and crisis management strategies. If you have the correct answers to these inquiries, you may focus your search on a security guard even more.

What Abilities do Security Guards need?

A security guard in Geelong has to be in good physical and mental health. They should possess various abilities that they may learn through extensive training or on-the-job experience. Among these abilities are:

Security guards are trained maintain their composure and reason under all circumstances to protect their clients and property.

Communication Abilities

They must convey information vocally or in writing in routine. Communication is crucial in stressful or hazardous circumstances with individuals, groups, and emergency services.

Technical Abilities

For work-related purposes, security guards must be able to use laptops, telephones, two-way radios, and other security technologies.

Problem-Solving Abilities

Security officers must be able to recognise, evaluate, and resolve problematic situations.


They must assume command and lead others during regular inspections and critical events, such as robberies and rescue missions.

Customer Service Abilities

Security guards must give consumers the necessary assistance and always be alert, meticulous, and kind.


Security guards are essential members of the community who play an important role in keeping everyone safe. They deter crime and respond quickly to any emergencies or suspicious activities they encounter while on duty. Suppose you need a reliable security guard; it pays to do your research first. So you can find experienced professionals with valid licenses who will provide the best protection possible for your business or home. Check Aligned Security Force. As an industry pioneer, they offer various security solutions to all market areas. With their help, you can rest assured knowing that your property is well-protected at all times!