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How Can Dynamics 365 SCM Be Used to Optimize Outbound Logistics? 


Dynamics 365 supply chain management has turned the tide in the form of transformation for manufacturing, retail, and logistics industries. The cloud-based Microsoft-powered digital platform D365 SCM has streamlined business operations and provides optimum control to management over their inventories, warehouses, manufacturing units, and logistics.   

Dynamics 365 SCM has played a vital role in every form of business; however, the intuitive and insightful platform from Dynamics 365 SCM has changed the way logistics work. With its agile and modernized features of Dynamics 365, SCM has to optimize outbound logistics significantly.  

Hence today in this article, we will discuss Dynamics 365 SCM, which optimizes outbound logistics. Stay tuned.  

Stats Alert – A survey by Gartner found that companies using SCM have increased their supply chain efficiency by up to 40%. 

How Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Optimized Logistic Industries? –  

Route Optimization – 

Dynamics 365 SCM provides real-time updates on delivery routes, enabling organizations to adjust routes as needed to accommodate changing conditions such as traffic, road closures, and delivery time windows. 

Moreover, Dynamics 365 SCM supports optimization for multiple vehicle types, including trucks, vans, and delivery bicycles, allowing organizations to select the most cost-effective and efficient delivery method for each shipment. 

Delivery Scheduling –   

Dynamics 365 SCM helps organizations to plan delivery schedules based on the capacity of their vehicles, ensuring that shipments are delivered efficiently and within the available ability.  

Additionally, Dynamics 365 SCM supports scheduling for multiple vehicle types, including trucks, vans, and delivery bicycles, allowing organizations to select the most cost-effective and efficient delivery method for each shipment. 

Dynamics 365 SCM has erupted in innovation in managing the inventory of logistic industries. With AI and machine learning blended technology, the solutions from D365 SCM make the logistic business thrive. With IoT technology, a logistics business can easily find the goods, containers, and materials of the enterprise it belongs to.  

Managers can easily find space for incoming goods through the real-time view offered by D365 SCM. With an in-built AI technology system, automatically notify the manager about the logistic details like where the goods have been manufactured and where they will be delivered with all quantity and quality components. With a barcode system on each product, it becomes seamless for workers to find goods and materials from the heap of products available in the warehouse.  

Carrier management –  

Dynamics 365 SCM includes communication tools to help the logistics industry effectively communicate with their carriers, reducing the likelihood of miscommunication and ensuring that shipments are delivered on time and to the required standard.  

Consequently, Dynamics 365 SCM provides real-time visibility into carrier performance, including delivery times, delivery costs, and delivery accuracy, enabling organizations to monitor carrier performance and make informed decisions about their carrier network. 

Real-time Monitoring – 

The real-time monitoring feature in the D365 SCM solution makes a real difference for logistic industries. With real-time analytics and data management can track, monitor, and control the complete journey of logistic vehicles. 

The management can track the complete route of the vehicle and can guide the driver in case of any emergency or a change of ways. Moreover, with real-time monitoring, truck drivers get help in resolving issues quickly and improving delivery accuracy. Moreover, with a real-time feature, the organization can predict the exact time of delivery and can enhance the customer experience.   

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Conclusion –  

D365 SCM has wholly transformed and optimized the logistics industry. With the upgradation and change in AI technology, the logistics industry will experience more transformation and innovation in the coming years.  

However, the logistics businesses looking to include D365 SCM can partner with experienced Dynamics 365 supply chain management consulting companies. With the assistance of experts provided by Dynamics 365 supply chain management consultant logistic industry can seamlessly integrate solutions and quickly get started.  

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I Michael Donald am a senior technical consultant at the leading Dynamics 365 consulting company, Bitscape. With such a highly visionary brand, I have unified experience in designing the existing technological structure with more value addition to various businesses. While experiencing technological advancements, I have been through a wide range of challenges and have designed customized solutions with growth-oriented abilities that work against challenging issues for any industry.