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Thesis writing is one the essential writing part of the academic studies that you must have to complete to obtain your degree. It must be daunting to write important and difficult research for a student. The most challenging thing you can face in thesis writing is to avoid plagiarism. It is impossible to collect your thesis without searching through other sources. You have to find relevant sources and include other researcher studies in your thesis to write it perfectly. While including information or data from other sources, you can make the common mistake of creating plagiarism in your writing. That plagiarised content can lead you to stand in a trouble situation. Hence, checking thesis for plagiarism before submitting it is very important so you can ensure that there is no plagiarism.

You may not be familiar with the ways that you can use for checking thesis for plagiarism. To learn those ways, you must read this article completely.

In this article, we will discuss the top 7 ways that can help you in checking thesis for plagiarism.

Before discussing those ways, you have to understand the concept of plagiarism.

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism or plagiarised content occurs when a researcher includes the information or data of another researcher in his research without paraphrasing it. In academic writing, doing this will consider an academic offence. It is because when a researcher does this, he represents other researchers’ efforts as his own study.

Let’s discuss the ways to check your thesis for plagiarism.

What are the 7 Ways that can Help you Checking Thesis for Plagiarism?

You can use the following listed ways to check plagiarism in your thesis writing:

1.     Use the online plagiarism checker tool

The first way you can use for checking thesis for plagiarism is that you can use the online plagiarism checker tool. There are many online plagiarism checker tools available on the internet. Most of them are completely free for finding the percentage content of plagiarism in your document. You cannot only run a plagiarism checker, you are also be able to remove the plagiarised content from your thesis.

To check plagiarism in your thesis, go to google and search for a “Free online plagiarism checker”. After searching, you will see a list of different checker tools. Select any one of them that looks better and more accurate. Once you choose your desired plagiarism checker tool, copy your thesis and paste it into the tool. After analysing, it will provide you with the percentage of plagiarised content. The following checker will be available for free that you can use for this purpose:

  • Duplichecker
  • Quetext
  • Scribbr
  • Turnitin

2.     Use Google search engine

It is simple to check for plagiarism using Google Search Engine if you find a line or section that you think may be plagiarised. It is one of the most simple and easy ways for checking thesis for plagiarism. You need to copy that line or section and paste it into the Google Search engine bar to check whether it is plagiarised or not. Note that you must place inverted commas at the start and the end of that section. Doing this will search and provide the exact information you want to check.

3.     Watch out for unusual style modifications

The third way you can use for checking thesis for plagiarism is that you must look out for the unusual style of modification. Most students make the common mistake of directly including information from other sources in their thesis writing. While copying and pasting information, there is a chance of forgetting to change inappropriate style to their selected formatting style. After writing your thesis, carefully read it to avoid plagiarism and find out those sections where you feel unusual modifications. Check that section for plagiarism, and remove it if you find it.

4.     Carefully look references

Another best way for checking thesis for plagiarism is that you should take a brief look at your references. If you find any reference that might be different from your referencing style, it means there is plagiarism in your writing. Find out the information that you have included from those sources. Once you identify that information, check whether it is plagiarised or not.

For example, you have included your references according to Harvard referencing style. While looking for references, if you find a reference that is written according to APA, Chicago, or other than Harvard referencing style, consider that you have included information without paraphrasing it.

5.     Check thesis includes an inappropriate topic or not

The fifth best way to help you checking thesis for plagiarism is that you must proofread your thesis after its completion. Most of the time, when you use a source for writing your thesis, that source does not contain all relevant topics. You copy information without reading them from that source and include it in your thesis writing. Which results in unknowingly you have included a piece of irrelevant information in your thesis. Hence, after completing your thesis, you must proofread it so that you can find and remove irrelevant information.

6.     Notice sudden changes in writing

Reading your thesis will usually reveal if it was written by one author or several. Find the sections in your thesis where the precise terminology changes to more complex writing to achieve this. Once you locate those sections, run them into an online plagiarism checker tool. That means, by noticing sudden changes in your writing, you can find plagiarised content in your thesis writing.

7.     Get a dissertation proofreading service

The last and easiest way to help you check the thesis for plagiarism is to hire an outstanding dissertation proofreading service. A reliable proofreading service has excellent experts that can expertly proofread your thesis. With the help of those proofreaders, you can easily find and remove plagiarised content from your thesis.


Writing a bachelor’s or master’s thesis is a very challenging task. The main problem you face while writing your thesis is plagiarism. To ensure good grades in your thesis, you must use an appropriate way for checking thesis for plagiarism.

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