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Your electric geyser is one of the biggest factors in how much you pay for electricity. About 18% of the energy goes to them. Is that excessive or not? They contribute to lowering costs and electricity consumption when used correctly.Numerous cost-saving strategies for using a water heater are covered in this comprehensive guide.

To save money on water heating, follow this advice.

What else has an effect on how much energy your geyser uses?
Electric geysers‘ power consumption is influenced by a number of factors. The most important ones are as follows:

The amount of water used is the primary factor in the high water and electricity consumption. It’s easy to do the math. As you use more water, your appliance will need more power, which will cost you more money.The temperature of the water at the input source:

Depending on where you live, you may need more or less electricity to heat water. Heating is more important in colder regions than in warmer ones. As a result, they frequently consume more energy.

Temp. of the thermostat:

Another factor that increases the amount of electricity used by your water heater is the thermostat setting. The majority of gadget thermostats come set to 60 degrees Celsius by default. External controls can be used to adjust this setting as needed in some models.Costs Per Minute:

Standing losses are another thing that could affect how much electricity your electric geyser uses. Only the heat that is lost through the water heater’s surface and frequently calculated standing losses are the culprits. The standing losses, according to BEE, are as follows: It was determined how much energy was used by the water heater to heat the water to the desired temperature. M&S electronics sells the best-known brands and highest-quality electric geysers. The BEE rating is exclusive to these brand-name water heaters.

Do you want to know the best ways to save energy with your water heater? If you want to save money on electricity, keep these important tips in mind.

Only choose geysers that use less energy.

Geysers with a high BEE rating not only address the issue of heat loss but also use less energy to heat water. Put these appliances in place to reduce your monthly electricity bill.

The temperature of your geyser should be 60 degrees Celsius.
The following piece of advice is to set the temperature of your geyser to 60°C. This uses less electricity than maintaining 70°C.
The majority of devices set the temperature to 60°C by default. If yours is not, you can change the temperature settings.

How to proceed is as follows:

Your electric geyser’s thermostat must first be located.After finding the power connection, turn off the mains.Now, take off the lid and use a screwdriver to lower the temperature of the geyser thermostat.You could even seek assistance from a plumber for the same reason.

You may not use the hot water even if you heat it to 60 °C. Because it could result in first-degree means, such a high temperature is beyond what the human body can handle. It feels hot to be above a person’s 37oC body temperature. When compared to water at 60 degrees Celsius, the human body can withstand temperatures up to 46 degrees Celsius without harm. When your geyser heats the water to 60 degrees Celsius, add some cold water to make it more bearable.

Installing upgrades that encourage electricity conservation is the next piece of practical advice. Insulation for solar panels is one example of this. The geyser’s electrical consumption decreases as a result of this improvement, cutting utility bills. Nowadays, many solar panels are quite sophisticated and frequently have the ability to store the energy they absorb for a longer period of time. Using a solar panel can help you save up to 200 kilowatts per month. Having said that, it might be just what your geyser needs.

The next important thing you can do to save money on electricity is to buy a new electric geyser. Is the technology you use more than ten years old? If the answer is yes, you should consider switching to a more up-to-date model. It will help you save even more money by lowering your electricity costs.

High-efficiency enhancements and cutting-edge features are included in the most recent and advanced versions. Despite their price, they frequently result in cost savings over time. It’s a good idea to buy a new water heater because you’ll have access to the most recent technology and have a good chance of cutting costs even more. If you need guidance on when to replace your equipment, the following are some warning signs.

Are you using an old electric geyser?

Does your home’s water not heat up to the right temperature?Is the noise that your device makes when it is working?

Does the water from the heater seem to be rusted?If any of the aforementioned questions are answered positively, you should replace the water heater right away.

Final Note:

In conclusion, you can save money on the power used by your water heater if you follow the helpful advice in this article. Use your electric geyser correctly to cut down on electricity use. Don’t forget to cut back on how much water you use. The best electric geysers are available at M&S electronics. We highly value your thoughts and welcome the opportunity to discuss them with you.