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Draw Alice in Wonderland


How to Draw Alice in Wonderland. Alice in Wonderland is a popular Disney film. Released in 1951 as an adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s classic books, the film was a huge hit with audiences and remains popular today.

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At the center of this bizarre and fascinating story is Alice herself, a character loved by millions worldwide.

Drawing Alice in Wonderland is a great way to show admiration for this iconic cartoon character. This is the perfect guide if you love this movie and its characters!

How to Draw Alice in Wonderland

Step 1

Alice was drawn in the classic Disney animation style of the time, and it’s worth keeping that in mind as we begin this guide to drawing Alice in Wonderland.

To start the tutorial, let’s draw his face and head.

You can start by using curved lines to outline her face, including drawing her facial features to get the calm expression in our picture.

Then she uses some curvier lines for her signature hairstyle. Finish by drawing the front of the collar and the band in the hair, and we can move on to the second step.

We will continue to add to her signature hairstyle in this part of your Alice in Wonderland drawing. Use a curved line from the back of her head to bring the hair down her back.

With that, his hair is done, and you can start drawing his chest. Use more curved lines to draw across the front of her dress and the top of her apron.

Next, use some curvier lines for her small waist.

After drawing these looks as they appear in our reference image, he proceeds to Step 3!

Step 3

For this third step of our Alice in Wonderland drawing guide, we will draw the front of her apron and arms.

First, we will use more curved lines for the sides of her apron coming out from her waist.

You can use another curved line for the base of the apron and then finish it off by adding pleats going down from the waist of the apron.

Step 4

That Alice in Wonderland drawing of yours looks amazing! In this fourth step, we will finish the skirt of her dress, which should be fairly easy.

The left side of the skirt starts under the apron and curves to the right. It is then folded back up to end at his waist. We only have a few final details and elements to add in the next step, so let’s move on!

Step 5

Before adding whimsical colors to your image, we have some final elements and details to add in this step of our guide on drawing Alice in Wonderland.

The main thing we’re going to add is her legs, which start from the base of the skirt.

Her legs taper downwards and end in rather dated-looking shoes.

However, you can also add more to the image before doing this.

One of the best methods to do this is by adding a background, and one idea would be to draw your favorite scene from the movie behind it.

Step 6

You are ready to complete your Alice in Wonderland drawing with amazing colors! In our reference image, we’ve gone with the classic Alice color scheme from the movies.

This means her dress is a lovely baby blue while her apron remains white with some grey undertones.

These are the colors we chose to be faithful to the movies, but feel free to add some of your color options too!

Remember to color in any background details or elements you may have added!

Your Alice in Wonderland Drawing is Finished!