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Car Won’t Start Because of a Dead Battery?


On one normal morning, you rush to your vehicle with those quick steps while battling against the clock. But, eventually, once you turn your car keys, just the sound of a dreaded click appears under the hood.

Of course! You have a dead car battery. You can deal with such a situation as Jump Start is here to get your car back on the road.

However, jump starting is a valuable utility to bail you out of an odd situation. But, it requires some knowledge to implement things properly to get the proper result.

What does it mean by jump start your car?

Jump starting is the process of starting a car’s engine using an external battery, typically from another vehicle.

It is possible, though, if you have been hearing noises when you turn the key in your car. This is a method to increase the low current in your car’s battery to crank up your car’s engine.

Although starting a car with a dead battery is a straightforward process, there are some safety precautions that must always be taken.

 Also keep in mind that the electrical system needs to be checked if your car’s battery runs out frequently.

However, you might try these things to deal with it.

Working Jumper Cables- The word “working” signifies that jumper cables should be rust free and have proper crocodile clips on both ends.

Car with a working battery- Unless your car has special voltage requirements, most vehicles come with a 12.6 V battery. The owner’s manuals, however, contain information on the ideal battery voltage. Before choosing a jump start, it would be reasonable to take a look.

If your batteries are different voltages, it could cause charging issues and reduce battery life for you or the other vehicle.

Additional accessories- You need rubber gloves and safety goggles. Moreover, there is a need for rags, paper towels, to clean battery terminals.

Once you assemble all the necessities, these steps take you through the process of jump starting seamlessly.

Bring the car with a charged battery closer to the car with a dead battery.

However, jump start cables possess enough length, but they still have a limit. Make the distance between both cars short enough so that you can easily utilize the jump start cable by connecting them properly.

Make jump start cable connection properly.

You are required to do some things in order to make a proper connection with jump start cables.

  • First, remove the keys from both cars. 
  • Open the hood to determine the location of the batteries.
  • Once located, try to identify the terminals of the batteries. 
  • A positive sign, engraved over the top of the terminal, identifies the positive terminal.
  • A negative sign, engraved over the top of the terminal, identifies the negative terminal.
  • Now, take the cable and untangle it so that the ends do not come closer to each other.
  • Connect the red clamp on one end of the jumper cables to the top of the positive terminal of the dead car battery. Place the matching black clamp on the negative side.
  • Next, go to the other end of the jump start cable to connect it to the charged battery terminals. Connect the red clamp to the positive and the black one to the negative terminal respectively.

Jump start your car

Now, you need to take the necessary step of jump starting. However, this requires you take care certain things.

  • Check that the car’s electronics are turned off and that nothing is connected to the 12 V port.
  • After connecting the cables, start the vehicle with the charged battery and let it run for a few minutes.
  • Return to the car with the dead battery and turn the key until the engine starts completely. This may take some time as the dead battery draws energy from the other vehicle.

If the car starts, you have to remove the jump start cable. This also requires you to follow certain steps.

  • Let both the cars in running state while you can start with the car with a dead battery to remove the black clamp cautiously and put it aside on the ground carefully away from the car. Then, remove the red clamp too.
  • Next, you need to follow the same steps with the car with a charged battery.
  • As all clamps are disconnected, next roll up the jumper cables and put them safe.

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