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Resident Evil (TV Series 2022)


Resident Evil (TV Series 2022) follows Jade Wesker (Ella Balinska) as she fights for survival in a world overrun by the infected, bloodthirsty, and terrifying creatures fourteen years after the spread of Joy, a small pill containing the T-virus. However, in addition to the present, the narrative also focuses on the past.

We see flashbacks to 2022 during the middle of the main story when Jade and her family were first shown around New Raccoon City. There, we learn about her sister Billie, played by Siena Agudong, and her father, Alber Wesker, played by Lance Reddick. We also learn about Alber Wesker’s chilling connections to Umbrella Corporation and the company’s greed.

Having said that, Resident Evil can stand on its own because it chose a time period that we haven’t seen before. The story is interesting, and even though it moves through different eras, the pace never changes. Resident Evil is good. This is not a one-to-one change; rather, it is a series about zombies created by capitalism, which we have all come to adore and know exactly where they came from, including the volcano question at its core.

Resident Evil video game series

Even though it’s easy to say that this series didn’t need a name and could have been a new story without one, there are still a lot of things that fans of the franchise in all of its forms like about it. The intellectual property of Resident Evil never stops developing, delving into brand-new mythology and telling brand-new tales through films and animations.

I would be remiss not to draw attention to the series’ stunning visuals. It stands out because of the series’ use of color, especially in the expansive sets and shots. The Resident Evil series has some of the best visuals ever, from neighborhoods with identical buildings to sinks lined with blue soap perfectly in order to the red glow of the Umbrella facility as zombie dogs rip it apart.

In addition, the series’ action sequences are well-planned, and dynamic, and feature extremely intriguing and exciting creature designs. From the first episode all the way through the season, the reason to watch is the battles with monsters. Jade excels at selling every minute of the exciting and fast-paced experience created by the combination of CG visual effects and real-world elements.

The decision to pit her against her father, Albert Wesker, gave the show more depth and provided us, as viewers, with a chance to discover something brand-new. My favorite video game villain, Lance Reddick, surprisingly functions up until that point. While Reddick’s father, Wesker, has a distinct style,

Wesker is different

By the end of the series, he has transformed into the intimidating and powerful character we are accustomed to from the previous canon. He is still compelling. Reddick’s Wesker is a version of the character who is capable of a great deal more than just violence. In the best possible ways, it is an exciting and unpredictable take on the character.

Whether it’s Reddick’s charisma or his clever writing, the character delivers. There is, well, just a lot more Wesker than you initially realize, without jeopardizing the surprise. Evelyn Marcus, played by Paola Nuez, is introduced in the show to help Umbrella advance its evil and self-serving strategies.

Physically smaller as a character than Reddick’s Wesker

His intensity and intimidating demeanor are in line with hers. The series never lets you forget that Evelyn is simultaneously beautiful and dangerous. As she appears in each scene, the tension gradually builds. Umbrella makes it abundantly clear that capitalism without limits exists when you add in the investigation of the experiments that were carried out on Mexicans in Mexico, exploiting the people just because they could.

Sincerely, the decision to divide the eight episodes. The current hellscape and the beginning of Raccoon City’s demise are good settings for character growth and showing progress over time without being too fast-paced. Due to the infection’s slow growth and the connection to the Wesker family, I was hesitant. that the show portrays. The gradual descent, on the other hand, is the human element. The audience is constantly reminded of where everything will end, which effectively builds tension.

In Resident Evil

Netflix has managed to keep the show’s spirit. This series has a fresh and moving story. In contrast, the majority of live-action offerings, such as the Welcome to Raccoon City series by Johannes Roberts and the series by Paul W.S. Anderson, contain numerous spoilers and do not. That is avoided in virtually every other area in this series.


The only flaw in the series is the inconsistency of the science and infection rules. Having said that, the decision to demonstrate rather than explain expositional points can partially account for some of it. Some individuals stand out like sore thumbs. Nevertheless, as a result of the well-planned monsters and infection battles. It’s possible to overlook the unfathomable at some point. Our comprehension of the rapid descent can be improved by suspending belief. Between 2022 and 2036, the largest infected creature was affected by acceleration.