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Indians have a specific affection for card games. Particularly, playing various card games during festivals and family get-togethers is highly popular. 

There are many card games you can play online for free. You can find free casino games on websites and apps that offer them at no charge. While some card games are just for fun, others allow you to win real money.

In this article, we will discuss five popular free casino games you can play for real money. 

Understanding Card Games

In card games, you play with one or more decks of playing cards. Players typically have to handle a hand of cards.

In card games such as real cash Rummy and real money Teen Patti, your outcomes depend totally on luck. On the other hand, if you go for skill-based games like poker and rummy, you will have a fair deal of control over the results because you may use the appropriate tactics and abilities to affect your outcomes in the long run. Indeed, every game has a minor element of luck, but some card games test your ability to think quickly and strategically. 

Here are five popular card games that you must try!

Five Popular Card Games You Ought To Try 

#1 Blackjack

In the world of casinos, Blackjack is one of the most played card games. You may play this entertaining game with more than two people. 

Blackjack demands a combination of chance and skill to win the game. While playing the game, your sole aim should be to get 21 points to beat the dealer. Moreover, you must keep track of the cards you have played from the previous shuffle.

Most of us would have played Solitaire for free in our early gaming days, but we can play this entertaining game for real money. 

In Solitaire, a player has to arrange the cards such that each column has cards numbered King through Ace, sorted from King to Ace in descending order of cards. 

The game is over when every card is arranged according to the rules and sorted.

#3: Bluff

In Bluff card games, the prime aim is to throw every card in your possession. A player places a specific number of cards facing down in the centre of the table and asserts the value of those cards, such as two fives. The other player gets the chance to catch it as a bluff or believe it’s true and pass or play.

This game is known as a bluff because a player may lie about their cards to clear their hand.

#4: Rummy

Rummy is another well-liked card game because it is a simple-to-learn game that is quite enjoyable. Since it is a skill-based game, mastery takes a lot of practice. 

The real cash Rummy aims to meld the cards into the number of eligible sets and sequences. To win the game you must have at least 2 sequences, one of which should be pure.

#5: Hearts

Hearts is a four-player tricky card game. The primary aim of this game is to be the player with the fewest points at the end of a round. 

The Queen of Spades has 13 points, but each card in the heart suit only has one point. Thus, avoiding these cards will help you win the game.


Card games are available on websites that are easily accessible on Android and Apple devices. Card games on mobile devices offer the highest quality for the largest selection of in-app features you could wish.

Additionally, several websites offer varied card games with genuine cash awards. And if you’re lucky, you can even win real money prizes. 

With these card games, you can enter an entertainment kingdom and get a pocket full of cash awards.