Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Digital Advertising, Instant Solution for Business Success?


Digital Advertising – Technology brings a new chapter in the development of a business industry’s marketing strategy. There are many popular strategies that are considered capable of “boosting” the performance of a business in the digital era as it is today, say SEO (search engine optimization) which has been so popular in the last two years, social media optimization, to digital advertising such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads. and others.

Apart from the technological factors that drive the development of digital marketing strategies, changes in consumer interest and behavior are also a factor why in the end many companies are competing to implement digital marketing strategies in their lines of business.

Apart from SEO and social media, digital advertising such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads, and so on are also the main digital marketing strategy choices to increase the “prestige” of a business.

So what causes digital advertising strategies to be more desirable than conventional advertising strategies in general?

Advantages of Using Digital Advertising

At least there are several advantages why digital advertising strategies are more desirable than conventional advertising strategies, including the following:

Reporting from Vacation Indonesia and Informasi Bisnis, there were around 204.7 million internet users in Indonesia at the beginning of 2022, up 1.03% compared to the beginning of last year and it is likely that this will continue to increase in the future.

A large user ecosystem is a distinct opportunity for businesses to promote their products and brands massively, which is difficult for conventional advertising strategies such as billboards due to geographic limitations. In contrast to conventional advertising strategies, digital advertising strategies can reach all of that without any geographical boundaries for consumers who are business targets.

More Targeted Consumers

Compared to conventional advertising, digital advertising can be arranged in such a way and tailored to the desired target consumers, both in terms of consumer demographics such as age, gender and location, to consumer interest factors.

That is what makes digital advertising more effective and targeted compared to conventional advertising in general.

Wide Variety of Media

Not only text, digital advertising also supports image and video formats as advertising media. This will simplify auditing and evaluating ongoing digital advertising campaigns, reducing losses.

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More Scalable

With a tracking system for each digital advertising campaign, making digital advertising more measurable. This will certainly make it easier for you to audit and evaluate ongoing digital advertising campaigns, thereby reducing losses caused by ongoing digital advertising campaigns.

More Efficient in Spending Budget

Digital advertising tends to be more efficient and pocket-friendly. Because you control advertising campaigns, you can easily decide when to run ads, increase budgets, and stop them.

The Digital Advertising Dilemma

Many business owners see digital advertising as a quick fix for business success due to its business benefits. Unfortunately, running a digital advertising campaign is actually not an easy thing.

Owners who use digital advertising must set goals for their campaigns. So that you are not mistaken in assessing the results of the advertising campaigns that are being run.

In fact, not a few business owners misinterpret digital advertising. Many business owners think that running digital advertising is an instant solution to the success of their business. Running digital advertising can be time-consuming, from target audience research to asset and technical issues to advertising costs.

If digital advertising is an instant solution for business success, of course all businesses using digital advertising methods will be successful, but the facts on the ground say that not all business owners who use digital advertising are successful in advancing and developing their business. Research, technical issues, and competitors with similar businesses using the same strategy still affect digital advertising campaign success.

Therefore, the assumption that digital advertising is an instant solution for the success of a business is not very appropriate. To avoid larger losses, you must carefully plan your digital advertising campaign.