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Can Erectile Dysfunction Come Back After Treatment


After treatment, erectile dysfunction may return in a variety of circumstances. Researchers discovered a five-year remission rate of 29% in a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. Although there is no known cure for ED, the correct treatment may be able to lessen or even get rid of the symptoms. Regular use of Fildena 200 helps to finish erectile dysfunction.

Without taking medication, you can address the underlying cause of the problem and lessen symptoms of ED, which is typically treated with surgery or medication. The best course of action for one person may not be the same for another.

Not all individuals can benefit from conventional therapies like medication and surgery. Penile pumps, which send blood to the penis and cause an erection, may be useful for some men.

There are three different ED reverse techniques:

Treatments for momentary problems

They support erection onset or maintenance but do not address the underlying cause of ED. As an illustration, the ED medication sildenafil (Viagra) enhances penis blood flow. It might facilitate erections in those with atherosclerosis and diabetes.

Tackling the underlying problem

The main course of treatment focuses on ED’s underlying causes. Medication or regular exercise might enhance the health of your cardiovascular system if clogged arteries are the main problem. This can cause an increase in ED or a drop in frequency.

Anxiety can be a sign of ED or one of its symptoms, and the disorder itself may be brought on by psychological causes. Psychological treatment can help people feel less anxious, feel better about themselves, and have better connections with their spouses.

The modifications may also increase the likelihood that additional treatments will be effective.

Some people discover that certain therapies are unsuccessful as a result of their intense sexual anxiety. It is possible to enhance the final result by addressing this worry.

For verification of any additional underlying medical conditions, consult a doctor. ED could be a symptom of nerve damage brought on by diabetes or heart disease. It could also be a symptom of a neurological condition. Medslike is a generic medicine store that provides erectile dysfunction medicine at a discount price.

Even while ED has a physical origin, it may also have psychological effects. It might be harder if you’re anxious or self-conscious.

In order to treat ED, there are numerous treatments available.

Here are a few illustrations:

alterations in way of life Regular exercise can help several health conditions, including blood clots and diabetes, which can cause ED. Consult your doctor about your alternatives if you have undiagnosed health problems.

With lifestyle adjustments, your erectile organs perform better. According to a study, between the ages of 35 and 80, one-third of Australian men are affected by erectile dysfunction.

For 29% of men, the problems went away on their own, demonstrating that lifestyle elements like food and exercise were the main drivers of ED healing.


Exercise to increase blood flow Losing weight in order to lower blood pressure may be beneficial for those who have diabetes or cardiovascular disease. raise testosterone levels and lipid levels.

It has been discovered that a balanced diet and regular exercise can improve erectile function.

Men who have strong pelvic floor muscles can urinate and ejaculate more easily. The erection function may be enhanced by strengthening these muscles.

According to a thorough study conducted in 2010, performing pelvic floor strengthening exercises can assist diabetic men to attain and sustain the erectile function they desire.

To find out which exercises will be most helpful to you, discuss pelvic floor treatment with your doctor.

Your body’s capacity to transport the blood needed for erections may be impeded by poor cardiovascular health.

For 25 years, researchers followed the men in the Trusted Source study. Researchers found that those who had heart disease risk factors were also more likely to get ED in the near future.

Numerous studies have discovered a high correlation between the four primary cardiovascular risk factors that can result in heart disease and ED. These consist of:

If you smoke, give it up to prevent ED from developing.

Alcohol: Limit your alcohol intake.

weight: According to one study, decreasing weight aided in improving erectile function in around one-third of overweight men with ED who participated in the trial.

By avoiding the risk factors, you might be able to improve your erectile function and get rid of erectile dysfunction.