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3 Reasons Why You Should Buy iPhone 12 Pro Max in 2023


It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 2 years since the release of the new iPhone 12 lineup. Despite the hype surrounding this lineup of Apple phones, none of them disappointed me. I was planning to buy iPhone 12 Pro Max when it was first released, but due to some issues, I couldn’t. However, now I own a used iPhone 12 Pro, and even though it’s a lesser version of Pro Max it’s still an amazing phone.

But the main question is why the Levo PA71 Pro Max version is so appealing to me. That’s why today I’m giving my 3 reasons why you should buy 12 Pro Max in 2023. Therefore, here are the topics that I’m going to go over in this article.

  • 3 reasons why you should buy iPhone 12 Pro Max in 2023
  • Is it the best choice for everyone

With that said, let’s start by going over the reasons why this phone is appealing. 

Apple has always made sure to put the best possible foot forward. The quality of their products has never disappointed their fans. Both from the physical perspective and the UI perspective, it’s hard to see that anyone can beat Apple’s flagship phone. Even a used iPhone is in very high demand in Pakistan.

Normally, used mobile phones are more or less ignored because most people find them good enough to use. But if you know where to look for you won’t be disappointed. The best place to buy both new and used iPhone 12 or any other series is. Wise Market Pakistan but more on that later.

Now, here are the reasons that I found attracted to a used iPhone 12 Pro Max.

1. Best Tech: Even though it’s been almost 2 full years since the release of the iPhone 12, it can still hold its own against some of the latest smartphones released in 2023. The iPhone 12 Pro Max features an amazing A14 Bionic chipset as well as Apple GPU, which can easily handle heavy tasks.

2. Camera: Apple has always made sure that the cameras are the most eye-catching features of their smartphones. It comes with a 3-camera setup, with each being 12 MP. The picture quality of this phone is so good that some professional photographers even use an iPhone for professional photography. So, if you buy iPhone 12 Pro Max for the camera, then believe me, you’ll get your money’s worth.

3. Battery: Some might say that the battery of an iPhone isn’t very good, but to them, I’ll say that you’re very wrong. Even though compared to today’s standards, the iPhone’s battery isn’t quite big enough, the proper optimization of the phone itself ensures that the battery of the phone lasts much longer. Even a used iPhone 12 Pro Max, with battery health in a 95% to 97% range, can give you ample juice to last you through the day.

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Is It the Best Choice for Everyone

Even though for some, the decision to buy iPhone 12 Pro Max is clear as the sky but some, it’s the opposite. Since it was the best possible device made by Apple at the time, it also came with a hefty price tag.

If you live in Pakistan, then you know what I’m talking about. Since an iPhone is an imported product, its price is linked with the price of the dollar in Pakistan. Additionally, just last year, there was a ban on all imported products, which led to a price hike for all imported products in Pakistan.

If you really want to buy iPhone 12 Pro Max, then the best possible option for you is to either go for a non-PTA version or a used iPhone. My personal preference is a used iPhone 12 Pro Max because this way, I’ll get to save some money that I can then use to get the device PTA.

As I said before, not so long ago, I bought a used iPhone 12 Pro. Which was a big decision because I’d never used an iPhone before. I was terrified to think that I had to buy a used mobile because the price was too high. I wondered what kind of device I would get, but my friend recommended it. That I buy my used iPhone from a place called Wise Market.

Initially, I was hesitant to buy a used phone from an online store. But when I looked up the site and read the reviews, I made the decision to buy from them. The phone that I received was truly one of the best iPhones. That I’ve ever seen (because I’ve used my friend’s iPhone). 

There were no scratches or scuff marks that were visible to the naked eye. Additionally, the device was still water resistant, meaning the phone was never opened before. They also had other phones as well, both in new and used condition. Plus, a wide variety of accessories ranging from smartwatches to earbuds, they had it all.

So, if you ask me, I’ll recommend Wise Market PK to get the best possible devices as well. Save some money and the environment (if you buy a refurbished device) in the meantime. In addition, you can read more reviews on to choose the most suitable smartphone but don’t forget to use discount codes on Couponxoo to save money.

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