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How to Fix the “Avast Unable to Scan” Issue on Windows/Mac


Are you using an antivirus application on your PC or Mac? If so, it’s probably Avast. It’s among the best free antivirus software with more than 100 million users across the globe. However, there are times when it could cause headaches. The reason is “avast not able to detect. ”

If you attempt to run an antivirus scan or search for updates, the error message will appear and states that “avast was unable to restore successfully.” What can you do? Don’t worry! We’ll help you solve issues with avast’s scan inability by using the three simple methods listed below.

Note that for the following methods, we’re working with Windows 10 to discover how to view files that are not available to scan documents.

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How to Fix Avast Unaware to Scan Error?

Solution 1. Restart your Mac or PC, then start Avast again.

  • Click “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” at the same time to reboot your PC. If this fails, follow these steps:
  •  Turn off your computer by pressing the power button (If you own a laptop like mine, shut it down)
  • Once it’s shut down entirely, then turn back on, and press “F8” several times until you see the display of your choice appear (usually it happens after hearing the sound of your computer)
  • CSS3. Use the Arrow buttons for selecting “Safe Mode with Networking” and then press enter.
  • After rebooting your PC, you’ll be able to utilize it once more! It is possible to alter the settings or even install something.
  • Avast again by pressing the shortcut on your desktop (If you do not have one, look for Avast within your Mac or Windows programs folder and then save it). When you are ready to launch, check for an icon on the upper right-hand corner in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

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  • If yes, click it and adjust the settings to run the scan more quickly than the previous one. This will make sure that your virus scan is successful the following time.
  • Try our alternative solution below if this doesn’t solve your avast scan error.

Solution 2. Install Your Antivirus to Safe Mode

Step 1: First step: Go to Control Panel > Features > Programs > Programs and uninstall “avast” from your computer.

Step 2. Boot the Mac or PC by holding the F8 button repeatedly (on the 1st step). Choose the option this time “Safe Mode with Networking.” Then, open the Internet Explorer or Firefox browser by pressing the shortcut and right-clicking to select the option to start as an administrator. Be sure to get connected right away!

It’s time to update your antivirus program on your own by going to its official website and downloading a new installer file. If you do not have antivirus software, then the official site of the antivirus program will assist you with this.

Step 3. Once you have installed it, launch an antivirus application that was checked to see whether it works! If not, proceed to the next step.

Solution 3: Reinstall Avast on PC/Mac

If there is no other way to solve the avast failure to scan issue due to the reason you have, you may try restarting the antivirus software entirely on your computer. It’s a simple process; however, it can take a long time depending on the amount of software running to the Mac and PC. Let’s begin!

Step 1: Open Control Panel > Programs > Remove or modify an application. Then, eliminate “avast” entirely on your Mac or PC.

Step 2. Make sure to reboot your PC and launch Avast at a later time when operating under secure Mode (on 1.). If you can, reset to default configurations by hitting the question mark on the top left-hand corner. Follow the wizard for Avast installation on your computer, and everything works perfectly right now! Your Computer Should Be Safe Now! Sign up now and send this article out to acquaintances. If you have any problems installing/reinstalling avast, let us know how to help you in the comment section below!

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Questions frequently asked

What is Avast?

Avast! Antivirus software provides the most up-to-date technology in security and virus protection technology. The software has the highest detection rates, and its sophisticated technology for detecting threats stops malware, viruses, spyware, and various kinds and types of malware from infecting the computer.

It also detects various types of potentially harmful software (PUPs) and legitimate software. 

Is avast! Appropriate for your needs?

Yes, it is. Millions of people across the globe benefit from our security services every day, and you too can. We’ve assembled a highly skilled team of security experts who utilize cutting-edge technologies continuously trying to safeguard your personal information and privacy.

Are there any threats from malware? What types do avast! Detect?

“Malware” or “malware” is a type of program that is created to interfere with computer processes or to gather sensitive information and also be able to access computers that aren’t private. In broad terms, it comprises trojans, malware, viruses, and other software designed to accomplish one of these objectives.

Avast will protect you from any malware you may come across while browsing the internet, including ransomware, which can encrypt the files on your computer, making them inaccessible until the user can pay the ransom for the key that will decrypt them. Avast will block all threats even before they can reach your browser, giving you complete protection.

How can I look at scans of documents on a Mac?

  • Scans are suggested.
  • Choose an option “some files cannot be scannable for specific files. “
  • Then, click the full report
  • Log the page.