Friday, June 21, 2024

Roku Remote Not Working: Roku Troubleshooting Guide


There are many reasons why the Roku remote has stopped working, and some are easier to spot than others. Usually, it is because of something simple, such as a dead battery or a blocked signal. In some cases, the problem may be with the remote control. More often than not, the problem manifests itself only with the corresponding correction.

How To Fix It When Your Roku Remote is Not Working

Follow these steps to get your Roku remote control working correctly again.

Check for IR (infrared) blocked the signal. IR remote controls require a clear straight indication. If there are objects, walls, or other obstructions that block the line of sight between the Roku and the Roku remote, the remote control will not work. If you can’t remove the obstacle, lift the remote control to get a clear signal and point the remote at the front of the player.

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Check batteries. Weak or dead batteries can cause the remote control to malfunction. First, remove the batteries, and then reset each battery. If the remote control does not respond, replace the batteries and try again. If it still does not answer, you may need to purchase a new remote control or download the Roku app from the Google Play Store or App Store.

Restart the Roku remote control and the Roku device. Remove the batteries from the remote control, then unplug the power cable from the Roku streaming device. Kindly wait for 5 seconds and then reconnect the device. When the Roku logo appears on the home screen, reload the batteries to the remote control. Wait 30 seconds to see if the remote control will reconnect to the Roku device.

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Reset Roku remote. Repeat the pairing process. Follow the instructions to set the remote to see the Roku device and vice versa.

Check the HDMI connection. Roku Streaming puts the TV in the HDMI port. If your device is connected to an HDMI port, you may experience some interference. You will need an HDMI extension, available for free on Roku, to fix this. Make sure your Roku serial number is nearby. It should be a sticker on the device.

You can also move the streaming stick to another HDMI port if the TV has one to leave.

Check network connection. Most Roku players have both wireless and wireless options, and live streaming sticks have wireless network connections only.

Download the Roku app. If you can’t get the remote to run, download the Roku remote app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The app has all the features of Roku remote control and makes it easy to install text search.