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How to Setup HP Deskjet 2722 Printer Using HP Smart App?


HP tag line for the HP Deskjet 2722 printer is “Easy setup, easy printing,” which sums up the features of this printer’s inkjet capabilities. The printer was made for home use, and printing costs aren’t the most efficient. However, USB and wifi networks support is an excellent feature that will make your life easier and save you time.

The tiny dimensions of this printer make it ideal for utilization in tight areas. This printer is versatile and has impressive capabilities. However, you must install it with the original HP driver to enjoy the most efficient performance.

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How to Set Up HP Deskjet 2722 Printer Using HP Smart App

The procedure below will help you install HP Deskjet 2722 on your smartphone by using HP’s SmartApp. HP Smart App. The first step is to ensure that your printer is running and ready for use.

With your phone, visit Google Play Store or Apple App Store and search and install the HP Smart App.

First, on your phone, start HP Smart App. HP Smart App.

Step 2: To add a printer to the list, tap the plus icon.

Step 3. Tap the ‘Install Printer option while the application checks for your printer.

Step 4: Choose the “DeskJet 2700 Series” selection from the drop-down menu.

5. Press the ‘Continue’ icon after entering your wifi connection password.

Step 6 Let the app discover the printer.

Step 7: Let the application configure the printer.

Step 8 If the application prompts you to click the flashing button ‘Info, make sure you check your printer’s controls panel.

Step 9: Step 9: The (details) LED on your printer’s control panel will flash. Could you switch to the button on your keyboard?

Step 10 The printing device’s IP is to be recognized by the program.

Step 11: Notice that “Connection complete” will now be displayed.

Step 12: To continue, tap ‘Continue. ‘

Step 13: You can expect the app to collect data regarding the state of the HP Printer.

Step 14: You’ll be asked if you wish to print on additional devices connected with the wifi connection. Choose the “Not Now selection from the menu drop-down.

Step 15: Lastly, you’ll see “Setup Complete.” The ‘Print Document option to print out a test sheet using your printer if you want to.

Step 16 You’ve succeeded in connecting your HP printing device to the mobile. You are now able to make use of your HP printer wirelessly.

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