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How to Reset HP Printer Password? Quick Fix


You’re probably aware that desktop and laptop computers are susceptible to hacking by cybercriminals. You are also aware that your smartphone could be at risk of hacking as well. Have you ever thought about whether the same thing could occur for your printer? 

It appears that printing devices are no exception to the rules of hacking. Printers are, in fact, able to be targeted. Indeed, attacks on printers are more frequent than you could imagine, and the same is true for home and office printers.

When it comes to organizations and businesses that take appropriate security measures to ensure the security of their network and private information and their products, albeit not always with success, they do not employ the same security measures for printers. 

According to Spiceworks research, less than 41% employ the same security tools that they employ on desktop and laptop computers for protecting printers, which is why they are targeted often. This situation is not likely to improve until we can grasp one basic fact: printers can target cybercriminals.

 As of now, to our dismay, just 16% of people think that the issue is serious. They will take immediate action to stop security breaches and data theft.

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How can I change my user password for the HP Printer?

After installing HP printer on the device you are using, follow these steps to reset the password for the HP security password for your wireless printer:

  1. Open your HP printer
  2. Navigate through the home menu on your printer.
  3. Select the Setup button.
  4. Press the Network button.
  5. Click on the drop-down menu
  6. Scroll down and click Restore Network Defaults
  7. Click on the Restore Network Defaults button
  8. Press Next.
  9. The process of restoration will require some time.
  10. Take a few minutes until your default settings get restored
  11. Go to the Control Panel
  12. Press the Windows or R keys on the keyboard
  13. Click on the Control Panel
  14. Go through Devices and Printers
  15. Go to the HP printer icon
  16. Right-click on the wireless HP printer option
  17. Click the Properties button
  18. Touch the Password icon

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Then enter the password you created. Enter the password again and click the Save the Changes button. Check if the HP printer administrator password reset process is completed or not.

Printing machines may appear harmless; however, they could be used towards you or even your company if you look closely. A compromised printer could accomplish everything, from stealing personal data to blocking the printing of one single document. 

Because printers are ubiquitous today, it’s not surprising that they are among the top cyber criminals to target. Beware of falling victim to an attack from cybercriminals – go for a reset of your printer’s password now.

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