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How to Make Avast Stop Popping Up? Quick Fix


Avast will send you a variety of messages, including the update or upgrade and scan. You can disable Avast popups if you prefer to work at your own pace. To turn off Avast notifications, Follow these steps:

  1. All programs running should be shut down
  2. Navigate to the tray of apps
  3. Right-click on the Avast web interface
  4. Go to the Menu
  5. Navigate to Settings
  6. Navigate to the General Tab
  7. Click on the Notification Area
  8. Delete the Enable Avast Sound option from the options list
  9. A confirmation message will appear.

After that, click the Confirm button to turn off all Avast notifications. You can now use your computer without interruption after turning off Avast, and you can now watch movies and play video games without interruptions. You can contact Avast tech support for help if you encounter any difficulties blocking Avast popups.

How do I turn off Avast popups?

There are various reasons that Avast popups for antivirus may show up. You can block Avast popups by removing your personal information from the Avast don’t disturb lists, which will turn off all Avast popups. These steps will teach you how to block Avast popups.

  1. All running programs must be shut down
  2. Navigate to the tray of Apps
  3. Right-click on the Avast icon
  4. Choose Avast’s web interface among the list of options
  5. Choose the option for Performance and then select Do Not Disturb mode.
  6. The screen will display a range of choices displayed on the screen
  7. Choose an option

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Click OK to block all popups generated by Avast Antivirus. Reboot your device, and you’ll be able to check if your Notifications have been turned off.

What is the reason why the Avast threat is not being addressed to?

Avast immediately alerts you when your device encounters any errors. Avast will also notify you whether your Avast antivirus is experiencing any problems.

Avast antivirus displays an upgrade message when the Software you’re running is free. Avast antivirus is free and comes with all the essential tools as well as Avast will display popups right after it has detected any virus.

  1. Avast warning about license expiry

Avast offers a year-long subscription. Avast antivirus licenses are valid for one year. They must be renewed. Avast antivirus will give you an email one month before the date that your Avast license is due to expire. The Avast subscription will renew automatically when you choose auto-renewal mode, and the amount is taken directly from the credit card. If you don’t select auto-renewal, you’ll be required to renew your security manually. Avast will start sending you a warning message about expiry one month before the expiry date. You can opt-out of the popup and then extend the validity of your Avast Plan immediately. The remaining days on your Avast plans will become part of the Avast Plan. Avast Plan if you continue your Avast plan for a month before expiry.

You will be notified of the renewal reminder when the Avast Plan expires. You may turn off or renew the notice if you don’t wish to be informed.

  1. Avast antivirus can detect and correct errors.

Avast antivirus can send you error messages when it discovers an error. It is imperative to fix the error to prevent it from sending mistakes messages. You can set it manually. It is necessary to install Avast antivirus if Avast program files cause the error. You can reinstall Avast antivirus onto your PC by removing it. If you’re still getting an error message, please contact the Avast Technical Support team for assistance.

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  1. If you discover an issue with your Avast cleaning

Avast cleanup, a function of the antivirus program, allows you to detect malicious threats and evaluate them. Avast cleanup is constantly giving you notifications about the system’s scanning. These are to alert users of any threats to your computer’s security. The popups could be annoying if they pop up too often. You’ll want to stop Avast popups from popping up each time. It will ensure that popups aren’t a nuisance to you further and will not affect your security. You can activate the Avast cleanup to set the time when popups will appear on your screen. You can select the popups which should be sent through Avast cleanup. Some risks cannot be identified by Avast cleaning.

  1. You have an older version of Avast Software.

Avast antivirus is updating Software regularly. It is recommended to upgrade to the most current version to address specific issues. Many people are not inclined to upgrade Avast and end up with numerous popups promoting upgrades to Software. Avast Premium antivirus users should keep the Software up to date for the most user-friendly interface. You can deactivate Avast notifications through the settings menu. 

To manage your software updates and avoid popups, follow the instructions below.

Settings> Tools >software update>Notifications>Pop ups> uncheck the box

  1. Your system is encountering suspicious Threat

Avast popups are displayed when you go to an app or website that appears suspicious. The popups can show up on your computer screen for a short period and may be highly annoying. Sometimes, it’s frustrating for users to uninstall Avast antivirus on their computers. This isn’t recommended, so you’re using good security on the internet. There is no way to expect the antivirus program to work 100% reliable even after it has detected an attack on your device. But, you can still manually manage these alerts. Popups can be handled quickly by selecting the settings menu and following the directions below. How to stop Avast threat-protected popups on your computer.

Setting on Avast antivirus >Notifications>Threat detected> uncheck

  1. PUP applications are on the PC

If Avast threat Secure is constantly popping up, a potentially harmful software (or PUP) may be running on your antivirus program and may deliver you numerous notifications. You can limit the number of popups by going to the settings tab and removing these notifications from your smartphone or computer. Antivirus software can overflow your system with popups if they suspect untrusted Software could damage your device. You can turn off Avast popups to block these.

Open Settings > Click Notification Bar> Choose PUP discovered > uncheck this box

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There are alternatives to manage Avast Pop-Ups that you have on your computer.

Other reasons can trigger popups in the form of Avast antivirus. You must know about these things if you would like Avast to stop showing up. Here are a few examples:

  • These popups may be displayed when playing online games on websites that are not authentic. They can make your computer insecure and even cause security issues. There are many popups to guard your PC against these shady gaming websites. It could lead you to miss the pleasure of smooth playing games. To ensure you have the most user-friendly interface and to avoid Avast notifications, you must uncheck the box regarding games made from Avast antivirus.
  • Avast antivirus is well-known for soliciting you to upgrade your free antivirus to upgrade it into a premium edition. This is since they offer affordable protection with premium features. They can also be controlled effectively if they do not require these ads. You can stop these popups on your computer by following a couple of steps on the Software’s setting bar. It’s helpful to understand how to block Avast popups when signing to premium plans.

These are simple and efficient ways to eliminate Avast popups. While it’s expected that some people are annoyed by popups that come from antivirus software, we shouldn’t avoid them for too long. In such instances, installing antivirus software doesn’t seem sensible. It’s best to select which popups are crucial to protect your system and filter out the rest to safeguard your system. These tips will help you figure out how to block Avast notifications from showing up on your computer.

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