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How to Connect HP Wireless Printer to Laptop Without CD?


If you’d like to know how you can join to connect an HP wireless printer to your laptop without CD, here are a few examples you could study.

How for connecting HP wireless printer to a Laptop using the CD.

Follow These Steps To Connect HP Printer To Laptop Using WiFi Protected Setup.

Step 1: Open the printer’s control panel and switch on HP wireless direct.

Step 2. On your laptop, ensure that the wireless radio is on and is connected via your HP wireless connection.

Step 3: Once you have turned to wireless security and wireless direct, enter you with the WPA 2 password each time your computer system prompts you. Remember that you can’t switch on wireless direct without WPA security.

Step 4: If you’ve not done it yet, you must install the most recent version of the HP printer software on your PC through its user interface. Software for printing.

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How to Connect to HP Printer WPS

WPS offers two distinct modes to connect to your device via a wireless connection. One is known as PIN, and the second is called pushbutton. If we are talking about pushbutton, it’s the easiest method. This article will show you how to connect to an HP wireless printer a laptop with the push of a button.

To begin WPS in your device, follow the directions in the manual for your printer. Here are some guidelines you must follow when in the WPS press button mode.

Both your wireless router and printer should be compatible with this WPS push button route. Also, you must consult the manuals for your wireless printer.

You must have WPS enabled in the router.

The network you’re connected to must be using WPA security. Many routers cannot be connected to the printer via the WPS method if WEP security is not enabled.

If you choose to use the default network name provided by the manufacturer and do not employ any security.

They connect your HP Printer with a wireless router using the WPS method. Here are the steps to follow.

Switch on the WPS connection mode for the HP printer. If you’re interested in knowing how to activate WPS in your printer, you should read the instruction manual for the printer.

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Just a few seconds, and then you can wait for a few seconds before opening WPS in your router. It will connect the HP Wireless printer to your laptop.

If you’ve set up the HP printer with a USB cable, you may choose to select the option of connecting later to the software after the installation. These are only some of the steps you’ll need to follow to connect to the printer.

Set HP Wireless Printer to Laptop Without CD.

Change the printer’s settings by navigating to the program.

If you’re a Windows 7 or Windows Vista user, navigate to the Start menu, select apps, HP, and set up the printer and software.

For Windows 8 or 8.1

  • Start the printer program by clicking on the menu for a start.
  • Scroll towards the top of the screen for your printer software and choose options.
  • Then, select to configure both the printer as well as software.
  • Then you’ve decided to connect a printer.

For Mac Operating System

Find the finder on the menu bar at the top, search for applications, and select. Next, go to HP and finally, go to print and software configuration. Then, click Connect an additional printer.

Also, there are two ways to connect the HP Wireless printer to your laptop.

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