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How to Connect HP Envy 6055 to WiFi?


HP Envy 6055 is an all-in-one printer that can handle all the scanning, printing, and copying tasks. It offers a double-sided printing feature that will save both time and paper. It’s possible to directly connect this printer to your smartphone via the Smart application that provides fast and simple printing. It is a great printer with a lot of capability for connecting wirelessly. To create, print, or copy effectively and efficiently, connecting HP Envy 6055 Connect to wifi is essential. After establishing a successful, safe connection, you will be able to access it from any location. It comes with a free warranty of one year.

Make Connection HP Envy 6055 to wifi:

Are you having difficulty connecting your HP Envy 6055 to wifi? This guide can help those who own an HP Envy 6055 printer. We have utilized WI-FI Protected Setup (WPS) and the HP Smart method to set up an internet connection to the printer and the network. Then, attach the HP Envy 6055 to the wifi connection.

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HP Wireless Printer Setup Guide

Step 1: Prepare to HP Envy 6055 Installation

Before starting, make sure your printer is on and your smartphone or computer is powered on. Use that same network to which you would like to connect your printer.

1. To make use of the printer on wireless networks, it is necessary to have the following resources:

  • A compatible laptop or desktop device connected to that same wireless connection.
  • Access to stable Internet access.

2. Do ensure that your router, computer, and mobile phone are turned on.

3. Check that your laptop or other device has a connection to the wireless network to which you wish for your printer to be connected.

4. Set your printer up place paper in the tray used for input. Then, you can begin to install the cartridges for ink. If you’re looking for more details about setting up your printer, go to First Time Printer Setup.

5. Then, turn on your printer and place it near the computer, and it must be within distance of the router through the entire process of connecting HP Envy 6055 to wifi.

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Step 2. Make a connection to the HP Envy 6055 Printer to a wifi Network

You can use HP Smart or WPS HP Smart method to set up and connect HP Envy 6055 to the wifi network. You can also use the Direct wifi method to establish an internet connection if you are connected to a wireless guest network or when there is no wireless network access.

Notice: If you see the Find Printer Pin message in your setup screen, Enter the PIN on the printer’s label.

Connecting to the HP Envy 6055 Printer using WPS

If you have a router capable of WPS compatibility, you can follow these steps to connect your HP Envy 6055 to the wifi network by pressing the WPS button on your router.

Step 1. Switch to your printer.

Step 2. Find your WPS buttons on your router; however, don’t press them.

Step 3. If your router isn’t compatible with WPS, skip to the next step of connecting the printer with the HP Smart app. HP Smart app.

Step 4:Press while holding the Wireless button located on the back of the printer. While holding it, you press the Power button for three minutes.

5. Now you are on your router, hold and press the WPS button for approximately three to five seconds, or until you notice it has been activated. WPS connection has been initiated.

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Notice: Your printer automatically stops seeking a WPS connection within two minutes of pressing the wireless button. If you cannot push the WPS button within that time frame, try the same procedure over again.

When your printer is connected with the network wirelessly, you’ll notice that your printer’s purple Wireless Light on the Control Panel transforms to a solid.

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