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How do I check my Home Depot Credit Card balance?


If you frequently shop with Home Depot, a Home Depot credit card can benefit you. However, if you’re not aware of your card’s balance, it is easy to spend too much. How do you check your Home Depot store credit balance?

There are many ways to examine your Home Depot store credit balance. You can verify the balance online on the official website of Home Depot. Another option is to contact them via phone, specifically the support for gift cards at 1-877-423-3005. You can also go to the nearest outlet of the store and speak to the cashier.

There are various ways to verify your Home Depot store credit balance, and calling the store or via the internet is the most straightforward and efficient method.

Learn more about how to examine the balance of your Home Depot card balance, the various ways to accomplish it, the specifics you should be checking, and more details about this topic.

Is my Home Depot gift card balance?

You can quickly assess your Home Depot gift card balance using the following methods:

  • Visit one of the Home Depot stores and ask Customer Service to review your balance.
  • Verify your account balance here
  • Contact The Home Depot directly at 1-800-430-3376 to verify the current value of your gift card.

How can I put additional funds on my Home Depot gift card?

A gift card purchased from The Home Depot is a wise choice as a part of the policy outlined by Home Depot Product Authority, LLC and Home Depot Incentives, Inc. assure that the gift cards and e-gift cards can be loaded regardless of the balance of the gift card. So, unlike other gift cards, which expire after reaching a certain amount, that’s not the case with The Home Depot. You can add money to your gift cards that you can reload in two ways:

Reloadable cards can be redeemed using a U.S.-recognized credit/debit card like Visa and cash on the person. Make sure you check the balance so that you can utilize the balance of your gift card to purchase items for your home renovation needs. Only one exception is the rental of tools.

Where can I purchase a Home Depot gift card or electronic gift card?

You can purchase the Home Depot gift card or an e-gift card at a variety of locations such as:

According to Home Depot’s policy on returns in conjunction with Home Depot Incentives, Inc. The Home Depot’s return policy and Home Depot Incentives, Inc.’s policies are not re-sellable or exchangeable to cash. A physical gift card or Home Depot gift card may be used as store credit to make purchases of goods. It cannot be used to settle the outstanding balance of a loan account. Therefore, ensure before making your purchase at a payment that you or the recipient you wish to gift it to can utilize the gift card’s value. If you purchase the Home Depot gift card online, the delivery date is contingent on the shipping option you select at checkout, varying from one day of service to some business days. Acceptable payment options include:

  • Credit/debit cards like American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa
  • PayPal is accepted if PayPal accepts it.

What is The Home Depot Gift Card?

  • The Home Depot Gift Card is an electronic or plastic Gift Card with monetary value. It can be utilized to pay for The Home Depot merchandise in stores or online at homedepot.com.

What types of payment will you accept to purchase for The Home Depot Card? 

  • We are accepted by VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card, The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card, nor The Home Depot Commercial Revolving Charge Card can be used as a payment method for a Gift Card purchase since the Third-Party Partner, CashStar runs this website.

Can I purchase The Home Depot Gift Card and send it to another person?

  • We can deliver the Gift Card to any person with an address valid within the fifty United States (we cannot ship to addresses outside those in the U.S.), or you can buy the eGift card and have it sent to the recipient.

What is the best way to ship Gift Cards?

  • Gift Cards can be sent to valid addresses inside the 50 United States. We cannot deliver gifts Cards to addresses outside within the United States.

Are Canadian Gift Cards available?

  • You can purchase the Canadian Home Depot Gift Card at homedepot.ca. You can additionally purchase Canadian Gift Cards by going to the local Home Depot store in Canada.

How can I place a Corporate Gift Card order?

  • You can purchase Home Depot Corporate Gift Cards through this Home Depot Corporate Gift Card page. For any inquiries regarding your order, please contact a Gift Card sales associate at 1-866-232-9040.

What is the time for shipping?

  • The time for delivery will be determined by the method of delivery you choose. Below are the available delivery options for shipping: SHIPPING METHOD Standard Delivery Time 2-10 Business Days Shipping Totals FREE Shipping METHOD Express Shipping DELIVERY TIME 1 business day, provided that your order is received before noon EST. Shipping totals $6.00. Orders received on Friday between noon Eastern Standard Time until Monday 5:00 a.m. (EST) will be delivered on Monday. We are currently shipping only to the U.S. addresses only.

What can I do to check the remaining balance in my Gift Card?

  • You can check the balance of the Home Depot Gift Card in two ways 1). Go to every Home Depot store and request a cashier to verify the balance on your behalf. 2. You can check your account balance on homedepot.com.

Can I use the Gift Card to pay for my online purchase?

  • The Home Depot Gift Card may indeed be used to purchase products on the internet at homedepot.com.
Ways on How You Can Check Home Depot Store Credit Balance

If you’ve got the necessary information Once you have this information, you can select one of these methods to verify the balance of your Home Depot store credit balance:

  1. Check out the official site of Home Depot. If you have already registered an account with Home Depot, you might require logging into your account and entering the required details.
  2. Contact Home Depot by phone. The department which handles this type of question is their support for gift cards. The number to call them is 1-877-423-005.
  3. Contact Home Depot’s customer support. Their phone number is 800-430-376. Chat with the representative and give them your details and inform them that you must be aware of the balance remaining on your credit card.
  4. Go to the Home Depot store that is closest to you. Contact the customer service counter and inform them what you need. You can also go straight to the cashier, take your card, and request them to verify your balance.
  5. Take a look at your recent receipts. You can look up the receipts for your most recent transactions at the shop where you used your card. Keep track of the amount noted on the last receipt and compare the amount against your credit card amount or total value listed as a gift on your gift card. If you have a balanced amount, it’s your card’s balance.
  6. Check out at the self-checkout. Select ” Price Check ” or “Price Check” or “Price Check” option in the self-checkout and then scan your card. If you’re using the card as a gift card, you will have to enter your PIN. It will be visible on the reverse on the back of your card. When you enter your number into the counter at the checkout will show you the amount.