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Garmin Connect Sync Failed Issue | Quick Fix


Garmin Connect Sync Issues The data on your Garmin device isn’t synchronized through your Garmin Connect application. Numerous factors could cause this problem. So, before moving to troubleshooting procedures, ensure these requirements are in place. Check these requirements:

  • Garmin Gps Device must be within the Bluetooth range of your smartphone.
  • Bluetooth is compatible with both devices, meaning you can use your smartphone and Garmin GSM Device.

Let’s begin by fixing Garmin’s sync issue.

  • Please switch off the Bluetooth setting of your smartphone and then switch it on after two seconds.
  • Shut down the Garmin Connect application on your mobile device and restart it within 10 minutes. Be sure to shut down the app from the background so that it will not run in the background.
  • Restart your phone as well as your Garmin Nuvi Gps gadget.
  • Take the Garmin Nuvi device off your phone, and then add it to your phone.

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Setting both gadgets from scratch and reconnecting will fix all issues that didn’t let you connect your Garmin Nuvi to the Garmin Connect app.

Correction: “Pairing Failed” Message when joining Garmin Nuvi device to the Garmin Connect app

Another issue that users might experience when connecting the Garmin Nuvi device to the Garmin Connect application can be “Pairing failed” and getting this message on their screen. The error can be compared to the “Garmin Nuvi Connect Bluetooth Issue. ”

To fix this issue, try the steps below:

If you pair the Garmin Nuvi to your phone, it needs a password, and you finish your pairing.

When troubleshooting the steps, ensure that you have entered the correct six-digit code. Infrequently, incorrectly entered codes can result in the error “Matching Failed. ”

Method 1 Retry the procedure:

  • Hit the Retry button, and allow your Garmin Nuvi to be connected to your phone at a time.

Method 2: Soft reset:

  • Hold the power button, and hold until the device is restarted.
  • Once you have unlocked the device, connect the device to your phone. These steps will resolve the issue.

Method 3: Reset your Phone:

  • Turn off your smartphone.
  • Press and hold the volume up and press the Power button
  • (Or) home button and Power button + High volume
  • Volume down and Power button
  • (Or) Up + Down and Power buttons
  • If you’ve completed this procedure and are successful, you will be presented with a Restart menu. Choose recovery mode, then hold down the power button for seconds.
  • Click on Factory Reset or erase data by turning down the volume and pressing the power buttons to verify the operation.
  • Then you can plug in your phone and connect the device to the Garmin device.
  • The problem of “Pairing Failed” is a hardware compatibility issue that can be fixed through a quick restart.

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