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 Fix Epson Printer Paper Jam Problem | Quick Fix


Have trouble with your Epson Printer, giving paper-jam issue again; then find the right way to fix Epson Printer Paper Jam Problem.

Epson Printer indicates the Paper Jam Error, causing you not to continue with the printing work. All you need to tackle the problem. You can do it at your home or office quickly and yourself. The Paper-Jam issue can be of two types: if the paper is actually stuck in the printer, or the second one is where the paper is not attached, but the printer is still demanding to fix Epson Printer Paper-Jam Error.

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Canon Printer Error Code 5100 

How should I remove jammed paper stuck in the Epson Printer?

Taking up the typical paper jamming problem with the Epson Printer, here is the step-by-step guide to removing jammed paper stuck in the Epson Printer.

  1. Start the process by immediately canceling the Printing Command you’ve given at the moment to the printer.
  2. Raise the scanner unit to remove the jammed paper in the Epson Printer.
  3. Remove all papers and check if any torn paper is stuck in the printer. Remove the torn paper as well. If there are any jammed papers near the output tray, remove those.
  4. Slowly shut off the Scanner Unit.
  5. Close the Output Tray.

       Jammed Papers in the Rear Unit

  1. Turn the printer around to pull out the Rear Unit.
  2. Once you’ve pulled the Rear Unit, carefully remove the stuck papers.
  3. Again, open the Rear Unit and cautiously remove the jammed papers inside the rear unit.
  4. Reattach the Rear Unit to the Printer. 
  5. Clear the error, and you’re ready to give the print command again to the printer.

       Jammed Papers in the Cassette

  1. Carefully reach the Cassette of the Printer and pull it out slowly.
  2. Take out the stuck pages to fix the Paper-Jam Error of the Epson Printer.
  3. Align the edges of the paper pile.
  4. Check to remove any stuck pages inside the printer and where the cassette is placed.
  5. Keep the cassette flat to carefully insert it back into its original place.

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      In case, still, the printer is showing the Epson Paper Jam Error

  1. Unplug the printer and remove all the cords attached to the printer.
  2. Pull out the cassette again and carefully make the printer stand to its right side.
  3. Check if you see any remaining paper still jammed inside the printer and get rid of that.
  4. Place the printer in its original upright position and insert the cassette back.
  5. Set your printer back and plug it in to use again.

Jammed Papers in Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)

ADF is meant to provide one page at a time to the printer picked automatically by it. If your printer has ADF and the paper is stuck in that, locate the ADF in your printer, open it, remove the stuck pages, and check if any pages are stuck in the document cover. Close the ADF and close the Document Cover to resume the work of printing. This will resolve the Paper-Jam Error of the Epson Printer caused due to paper jammed in the ADF.

How can you prevent Paper-Jam Error in Epson Printers?

Please read these tips to avoid paper-jam error occurrence in the Epson Printer. 

  • Avoid using curled or wrinkled Papers for Printing.
  • The papers should be smooth and of better or preferably high quality.
  • Paper-pile should be adequately fanned before loading.
  • DO NOT overload the paper tray.
  • Edge guides should be snugged against the edges.
  • Keep the printer on a stable and flat surface.

False Paper-Jam Error of Epson Printer

Sometimes it happens with the Epson Printer Users that their Epson printer says paper jam, but there is none. This is a False Paper Jam Error. Generally, this error occurs due to the printer’s jammed sensor flag, or it might be dirty. You need to locate the Paper Sensor Flag or look inside the paper path to see the stuck sensor arm. You’ll find the Paper Sensor Flags at the place of the paper feed and from where it comes out after printing completes.

The paper should pass through it smoothly to have no paper-jam error in Epson Printer. 

Manually Fix the false Paper-Jam in Epson Printer – Do fix it manually; you’ve to run a thick sheet through it. Make sure it moves smoothly, and nothing is stuck, which will obstruct the smooth paper movement inside the printer for printing.

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Epson XP 7100 Printer Setup

How to fix false Paper-Jam Error in Epson Printers?

  1. Check if there is any Toner Cartridge. If it is there, remove it and carefully give your printer gentle upside-down shakes.
  2. Reinstall all the cartridges from the Epson Printer and Reinstall them one by one. If possible, change the printer inkjet.
  3. Move the carriage to the extreme left and get it back to its original position. Repeat this 6-7 times.
  4. Re-position the Encoder Strip of the Print Head Carriage. It would help if you did it as it can get displaced, causing your Epson Printer Paper-Jam Error.

After trying all the possible solutions to fix Paper Jam Error in Epson Printers, if the printer still shows the error, you need to take it to an expert. There might be a hardware failure that can only be fixed at a repair shop.

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