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Fix AOL Mail not working on iPhone | Fix in Minutes


AOL Mail was the best and no-cost email service offered by AOL Before that. AOL Mail may also refer to AIM Mail services, and AIM refers to “AOL Instant Messenger” services. Sometimes, a problem is discovered by the user when using AOL mail on an iPhone and Desktop. A few AOL users have complained that AOL mail is not working on iPhones. Most iPhone users experience issues when using AOL on both their iPhones and desktops. You may also try the steps below to resolve the issue. If you cannot solve the problem by the next step, you can contact AOL’s email customer support.

Effective AOL Mail Repair Ways on iPhone

AOL users have complained about the same problem they face on smartphones. Users cannot sign into AOL’s postal account or an AOL postal account or have an AOL email that does not work with an iPhone or Desktop. A few clients have issues logging into an AOL account, AOL not sending emails, and AOL failing to receive emails. We strongly suggest that you contact the customer service of AOL, who will attend to your device and address the issue. Follow these steps if you want to resolve Aol problems with your iPhone or Android devices.

On and Off Airplane Mode

You must ensure that you have the existence of an internet connection. If you receive an AOL email, the relationship is not there, and the issue lies at your side. AOL is an online service, and sometimes poor internet speed or no connection can create a problem. Therefore, firstly, ensure whether you are connected to an internet connection.

Start airplane mode and then turn off airplane mode on your iPhone. By sliding across the iPhone screen, the control panel will allow you to switch on and off airplane mode. Start airplane mode, then after a short time, switch off plane mode.

Connect to a wifi network and ensure you have reliable wifi available. Alternately, you can turn on the internet service.

Connect your data. Thus, you’ll begin sending and receiving emails from AOL.

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Are you unable to receive emails on your iPhone? Setup your network settings

Suppose you’ve attempted all the steps in step 1 and remain with the same issue. Then, you have to follow the steps laid out in the second step. Try to reset the network settings, so you can repair AOL mail to stop working on your iPhone.

  • Open settings
  • Go to General
  • Now, you can change the setting
  • When you reset the computer, you will see the settings for the network reset.
  • This option resets the details of your wifi network.

Remove and then add the account once more.

If you’re having problems with AOL email, you’ll need to follow the steps below to resolve the issue. AOL email issues with iPhone.

Steps to Get Out of Account on iPhone

  • Open the iPhone setting, then login to your account using the option for password.
  • There will be an inventory of accounts and passwords. Choose the AOL account you wish to remove out of the app. The report will be listed and password options.
  • When you click on your AOL account, you’ll be taken to a different page. Select the delete account option below.
  • Steps to include AOL mail to iPhone
  • Open settings. Log in to Accounts and passwords.
  • Navigate to “Add Accounts” of iPhone
  • Log into AOL. Sign in to AOL accounts.

Contact an AOL email expert.

Suppose you’ve tried all of the above steps but are still experiencing the same issue. You need to contact AOL experts to verify and make necessary changes in the AOL post-application. This is why AOL mail will begin running on iPhone. AOL experts are available 24 hours a day to assist you with no waiting. AOL has a skilled and knowledgeable technician who can assist you in resolving the problem with “AOL mail not working on iPhone” and many other AOL problems with mail.

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