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Facebook Recover My Accounts on Android ? Quick Fix


If you’ve forgotten your Facebook password, or even if a hacker has taken over your account, you’ll be able to understand how it feels to lose your Facebook account. In certain instances, it is possible to recover a deleted Facebook account. However, in some situations, the account remains inaccessible. When you aren’t sure how to retrieve the history, you’ll need to create a new Facebook account, which means you will lose all communications previously made.

How to Find Lost Facebook Accounts by Email or Phone Number

  • Go to within the Android browser.
  • Input your email address or phone number that is linked to the account.
  • Enter the password you have forgotten
  • Choose the best method of account recovery. You can choose a phone number, email address, or your name. (Phone number only works if you’ve not lost or misplaced or lost your Sim Card)
  • You will be provided with the verification code.
  • Enter the code and then hit the Submit button
  • You must enter the password you want to use.
  • Re-enter the code to verify your account and then open it again
  • By following these steps, you will be able to restore your lost Facebook accounts to your Android phone quickly.

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How To Get A Facebook Account Without A Phone Number

Can’t you log in to your Facebook account because you forgot the Facebook login password? You can locate your missing Facebook account since Facebook creators know that users often forget passwords. Let’s find out how to recover your account using a couple of easy steps.

  • In your favorite browser, search bar, enter
  • Enter your Facebook username and then click Forgot Password at the bottom of the page.
  • Facebook will redirect users to the Recovery site to select the recovery options. If you don’t have a phone number connected to your account, you must choose an email address.
  • Create a new email and then select Send Email.
  • You will be sent an email with a verification code.
  • Cut and paste it into the recovery page, and then click Next.
  • Facebook will confirm the authenticity of the code.
  • Create a new password that’s easy to remember and powerful
  • Select OK for confirmation
  • Your account will be renewed.
  • Following these steps, you’ll be able to locate your missing Facebook account quickly. If you’re not able to find it, you can reach out to Facebook customer support.

How to Open My Old Facebook Account?

A few users forget their username and password for their previous Facebook accounts. However, it’s simple to access it and retrieve your deleted Facebook account. To do this, just your email address and password are needed. Let’s look at obtaining the old Facebook account without having a password.

  • If you use a browser and the Facebook Mobile app, you can open the Facebook login page.
  • Click here to enter the forgotten password to the right below.
  • Enter your phone number or the email address linked to your Facebook account.
  • The profile of the account and the DP of the report will be displayed.
  • If it’s your missing Facebook account, continue.
  • OTPs will be sent to your email address or phone number you provided
  • Install OTP
  • Your lost Facebook Account will then be reinstated.
  • Following these steps, you’ve discovered that locating a forgotten Facebook account that does not need a password is straightforward.

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How To Recover My Lost Facebook Account With Friends

Sometimes, signing in to your Facebook isn’t easy, particularly if you’ve lost your password. There are many methods to gain access which is one of the best methods is to share your Facebook account accessible is through your friends. All you have to do is inform them that you want to locate your Facebook account by contacting your contacts. The steps below will guide you through the entire procedure

  • In a browser on a computer, enter
  • Click”Forget” Account on the login page.
  • Your account is informed to retrieve your account through email lists
  • If you don’t have access to any of them, click to confirm that you do not have access
  • Enter a new email.
  • Click Next
  • Input the username and password
  • You must follow the instructions displayed on your screen. Enter the code you received.
  • Click on Disclose My trusted contact
  • You can type your full address of an authorized contact
  • An array of commands that contain the link only you and your friend can view will appear
  • Please send the link to a person who has written his name on it and requested that he open it.
  • Access codes accompany the link
  • Ask them for you an account login code
  • Make use of the code to gain access to and renew your old Facebook account

How Can I Recover My Lost Facebook Account Without 2-Step Verification?

Many users don’t have access to the 2-step Verification and are unaware of these ways to retrieve the lost Facebook account. That’s why those who make new accounts are constantly saying: I’d like my old account to be restored!

Once you’ve activated 2-step Verification on the account that was deleted from the Facebook user, you can continue following these steps

  • In your browser, visit
  • Click Forget Password
  • You must enter the email address or phone number associated with the account that has been lost.
  • Request code sent to an email address that is registered
  • Reset your account password.
  • Your account will be set up
  • There is a variety of ways to retrieve your missing Facebook account. So, don’t be irritated when you cannot access your account. This is a good thing.