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Does Walmart Take Apple Pay ? Quick 2022 Guide


Walmart is the biggest retail chain globally, with over 10,000 stores worldwide. Apply Pay is the largest mobile payment service provider, with 507 million users worldwide. You might be curious whether Walmart accepts Apple Pay, and the following information can help you solve those questions.

Walmart doesn’t accept Apple Pay. The only mobile payment option you can utilize at Walmart will be Walmart Pay, which links with all major credit cards debit, debit, pre-paid, and Walmart Visa Gift Cards.

If you’re planning to pay with your iPhone through Walmart, the only choice is to download and install your Walmart app. It’s unlikely to change shortly, so we’ve provided the steps to utilize Walmart Pay below.

Does Walmart Accept Apple Pay?

It’s not true; Walmart does not accept Apple Pay at any location. Instead, they would like you to use their Walmart Pay product.

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How to use Apple Pay At Target

Can I Use Apple Pay at Walmart?

It is not possible to use Apple Pay at any Walmart retailer. However, you can use Walmart’s Walmart app to use Walmart Pay, which works similarly.

Does Walmart offer Mobile Pay?

Walmart has its mobile payment system named Walmart Pay, and it functions similarly to Apple Pay but can only be used in Walmart stores.

Which stores accept Apple Pay?

If you’re determined to stay with Apple Pay, which offers more privacy and security than Walmart Pay, you can use it at many other stores.

Check out Apple’s website to find the most popular retailers that accept Apple Pay.

You can also look up the information about stores on Apple Maps. In most cases, it will say “Accepts Apple Pay” under the store’s details to indicate that you can use Apple Pay there.

What is Walmart Pay?

Follow these directions to make use of Walmart Pay:

  1. Install the Walmart app on your phone.
  2. Join for a no-cost account
  3. In the app, go to Account then Wallet.
  4. Incorporate your credit/debit card into Walmart Pay. Walmart Pay app
  5. As usual, go to the store, visit a self-checkout counter, and scan all of your purchases like you usually do.
  6. At the register, press the green Pay button.
  7. You’ll be presented with a variety of options for payment. One option is Walmart Pay. A small QR code will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  8. Open your Walmart App on your mobile. Hit Services. Choose Walmart Pay
  9. Make sure you point your camera at the QR code displayed on the registration screen.
  10. You will see a screen that confirms the purchase was successful.

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Discover more information about the locations you can make use of Apple Pay

Apple Pay isn’t available at Apple Pay in Walmart, and however, many other major-time retailers accept Apple’s mobile contactless payment system. 

Why isn’t Walmart offering Apple Pay?

Walmart does not support Apple Pay because they want users to use Walmart Pay instead. Walmart Pay offers the company the following advantages:

  1. Walmart is creating mobile and financial products that rival fintech and banks.
  2. Walmart doesn’t have to pay any costs to Apple.
  3. Walmart can collect information on its customers; however, it could be harder to get if the consumer utilized Apple Pay.

What is the difference between Walmart Pay compare against Apple Pay?

Walmart Pay is similar to Apple Pay in that it lets you connect credit and debit accounts to digital wallets within an application, and both allow you to pay with contactless at the point of sale.

The two apps differ because Walmart Pay communicates with the payment terminal via QR codes while Apple Pay communicates with NFC (Near Field Communications) chip technology. Furthermore, Walmart Pay can only be utilized in Walmart stores, while Apple Pay can be utilized at many stores.