Family members say mother and daughter found dead in NJ home

Family members say mother and daughter found dead in NJ home


CBS New York Thursday A woman and her 9-year-old daughter were found dead in their Roselle, New Jersey, home informed of,

Family members said Keisha Morrison and her daughter, Kelsey, were found beaten to death inside their home and police found the girl dead inside her room.

Family members said the suspect, whose sources told CBS New York was arrested out of state, was at the home when police arrived. Somehow, he got into the victim’s car and dropped her off around the corner.

“We demand justice for our niece. She didn’t deserve this. We demand justice for our sister-in-law,” said Morrison’s sister-in-law, Atsha Scott.

Scott said Morrison’s husband arrived and broke down his wife’s bedroom door.

“When he went into the room he found a crime scene,” Scott said. Sources told CBS New York that the bodies were found under a mattress.

Morrison’s husband called the police, then the family was taken away and officers informed them hours later.

“Unfortunately, Kelsey and Keisha are dead and that’s what they told us,” Scott said. “Kelsey was a brash, strong personality. Keisha was calm, never seen her angry.”

This weekend would have been Kelsey’s 10th birthday. The family was planning a trip to Disneyland.

The Union County Prosecutor’s Office said they would not be releasing information on the case.

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